Back At The Yard

Look what was waiting for me when i woke up from my afternoon nap:

Fresh fruits from the trees! all the way from Kota Marudu..
An unriped papaya, durian and no, its not langsat. it's longkong.
I dont know how to differentiate langsat with longkong but thats what
my dad said. He's the fruit expert in the family, i only know how to eat them :)

For dinner, we're gonna have fish and pumpkin - from our own pond, and backyard.

The hungry fishes in my Dad's pond, waiting to be fed
(if only they know one of them will be my dinner tonight hehe)

I thought Dad was going to catch only one.. he caught three! two for us and the other one for my sister and her family

The pumpkin, just before i do the honors of plucking it.

..Dinner would be a one fine meal tonight :)

♥ P.


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