Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Miss Nerdy Me

I just finish reading White Oleander this morning. I know its been a long time since i started reading the book. I got the book in August last year at Goodwill bookstore, Manila for a bargain price of 20pesos. Its not that im a slow reader, its just that the only time i read the book is at night when i go to bed. Sometimes i dont read at all.. i just dive into my bed and doze off.

I find White Oleander to be somewhat dark and tragic. Sometimes too tragic i dont want to keep on reading. But somehow the curiousity of whats going to happen next to Astrid keeps coming back to haunt me. So i open up the book and start to read where i put off.

I am now starting to read a novel by Elizabeth Berg entitled 'Open House'. I read a couple of pages during breakfast. Unlike White Oleander, this one's a love story. The reason why i bought this book (considering that im not a big fan of love story novels) is because it has the 'Oprah's book club' tag on it. As ive mentioned a thousand times before, im collecting books under Oprah's book club, or just books mentioned on the show. I have a few here.. and in my opinion they're all of good quality readings.

Ok.. now im starting to sound like a nerd. Books are my treasured assets..i have plenty of 'em (excluding my schoolbooks, that is) and im still collecting. I have this dream of having my own little library in my own house..one day. I think it'll be cool to have something like that.

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