Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting Fresh?

For some people a new year means starting fresh. But for me, i dont want to have a new beginning, to start fresh. Im at peace at what i have at the moment and to start fresh will mean forgetting the past. I dont want to forget the past for it had made me what i am today. So i'll say this new year, 2008 is a continuum of a journey im taking.. journey to where? i dont know hehehe.

I just finished talking to an ex of mine on the phone and i think it was the best conversation we ever had. It has been almost five years since we've broken up and all and i must say to get to this point where i feel nothing but just friendly feelings towards him takes alot of time. So K, if you're reading this im sorry for all the bad things ive said & done towards you to hurt your feelings. Im glad that we're still friends. Sorry for not mentioning this just now on the phone hahaha! Lupa baa..

Although today was a bit dull for me, basically stayed at home watch tv, went out only to accompany mom to the supermarket *siiigghh* I dont know whats in store for me this year but im not going to make this year, 2008 a sucky year. Just read my past entry on resolutions..hehe. I hope i can achieve if not all, half of them :-D

Oh, and i just found that my exam results will be out on the 14th. the same day of my birthday! i hope get good grades :-D it will make a good present hehe. Hmm.. suddenly i miss my friends! cant wait to meet all of you lah!..

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