Friday, January 18, 2008

Peanut Cookies

What you need:

300 gms groundnut, fried/roasted and grinded til fine
200 gms castor sugar
250 gms flour
250 ml of oil
1 teaspoon salt
Mix the dry ingredients (sugar, salt, nuts & flour) in a big mixing bowl with finger tips until they are well mixed & crumbly.
Add oil bit by bit & knead the mixture. Once you can roll up the mixture into a small ball without the surface crumbles, don't add anymore oil. Roll the dough into small balls & place them on a baking tray. use a circular tube like a cover of a ball pen/ marker pen & press gently on the top of the balls to make round indents. Glaze with egg before baking. To glaze, just beat one egg & brush on the cookie.
Temperature: 200 deg. C
Time: About 15 - 20 mins

My friend gave me this recipe that she found on the net, since i got all the ingredients at home i might as well just try doing it. The final product looks like this:

I gave some to my dad and said i baked it just a while ago. I think he didnt really believe me because he asked me several times whether i really made it. hahaha..
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