Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oxygen suckers.

It's just so sad to see how some people are constantly trying to keep up with you in every aspect of life. I know some people who are doing this. I mean, its not like im prohibiting them to better their lives..not at all. Its this thing, where they dont want you to be better than them...totally unacceptable to them. Its their little annoying ways of pretending to want to know whats up with your life like they're concern but in actual, they just want to know so that they can compete with you. Well compete all you want coz i the last time i check, i never signed up for any competition. I dont believe in living your life in a constant mode. I believe that we should constantly be advancing ourselves but not in the dispense of others. You dont need to prove that you're better at doing this and that than this person or that person and that go tell the world about it. Thats just bragging.

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