Tuesday, February 19, 2008


ANTM is back ya'll! and it is bitchier than ever. I know for a fact that we are one cycle behind what the good people of America is watching. But since we're in Malaysia..just make the best of it lah. Although there is a little thing called "downloading" i am just lazy (pemalas negara, to be correct, kan Angel? LOL) to download them. I am currently downloading the movie, Juno. Ive seen the BTS (Behind The Scene) on E! and i think Ellen Page is spectacular!


On another note, i have finally decided to move on. I know my past posts were like, so emo, sad and stuff but i have made some SERIOUS thinking and i reeeeeaaaallllyyy think its time for me to move on with life. Whats the point of being mopey about one guy when the guy just doesnt give a hoot about u? ok, maybe he does think of me once in a while in his spare time, and probably in his little mind and deeeeeeeeeep down in his heart care for me? I dont know..and to be honest, i just dont care anymore.

I wouldnt want to look back one day and say "oh, i spent this amount of time on him and guess what? i got nothing out of it. Oh wait, i wasted time on him. yea, thats what i got!"

Since im at this topic. let me just tell ya'll what i dont like. i dont like to be ignored. especially in the early stages of courtship. i dont like to be treated as if whatever im saying is not as half as important as what he is saying. i hate it when guys think im all about being physical. i might be flirty when it comes to someone who i like but it doesnt mean that im allowing you into my pants or that you can feel me up when im a bit close to you and laugh at your jokes. Oh, and if i stare at u abit longer, that doesnt mean that i want to play tonguesy with you. Have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T will ya boy?

Im going to end this post with a lyric from Alicia Key's song Lesson Learned and it goes a little something like this :

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned.
My soul has returned so I call it a lesson learned

Im off to bed now. Im praying tuesday will be a better AND a start of a productive me! pemalas negara me now this. If there's such thing as a pill rajin, i would be popping pills already like its nobody's business. mwahahaha.

Nite ya'll.

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