Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol

If you are a fan of American Idol (like myself) then you must know by now that the Top 24 has been chosen. I must say, i am SO pleased with the judges choices. One reason to be happy is that american-with-an-english-accent Josiah didnt make the cut..YES!! and he was SO confident that he would make it. ha..ha!

I'm so haaappppyyyyy! All of my favorites made it. Theres alot of Davids this time, huh? hehe. But ive got my eyes on one particular David and thats David Hernandez. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin when he sings. I just love guys with a good set of pipes. If i could vote, I sure will vote for David H into the Top 12 :-D

David Hernandez

David Archuleta

David Cook

Oh, i also like Michael Johns.

As for the girls.. at this point, i only like 2 out of the bunch. They are Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado, the girl who lost her voice during Hollywood week but manage to sing like she didnt have any hoarseness to her voice.

Carly Smithson

Syesha Mercado

I cant wait to see them all, especially Mr. Hernandez to perform next week! :-D
I heard that Akademi Fantasia is going to start soon and i was like,"Oh puhhleez. not again" mwahahaha. Everything on that show is made up. Although AF had help to improve lives of many Malaysians, I still can go on and on about why i dislike Akademi Fantasia. I am just not a fan..sorry. But i rather not say it all out here :-D

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