Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is my 3rd entry for the day. I am sooo freakin' bored. After posting the two previous entries in the morning, i couldnt think of anything more to do. I wasnt even hungry so i skipped breakfast (i know its not good skipping breakfast hehe) and lie flat down on the bed and did some thinking which only made me depressed because all i could think of is the one thing that i dont, i repeat DONT want to think of. And everytime i try to block it out of my mind, it just keeps coming back to haunt me like a ghost.

So..i then decided to exercise. But it only lasted for 30minutes. Ohwell, atleast ive got some sweat out AND made me feel better.

Ive mentioned in an entry a few days ago that i met Louis Pang. So here's the pictures to prove it!

My sister (a die hard fan), and Mr.Louis Pang. (Please ignore Kimberly's face..hahaha. she was so sleepy at that time i dont think she realize whats happening around her)

Group pic.

Before i forget, i'd like to wish every single one of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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