Monday, February 11, 2008

For the week

Damnit. I missed the Grammy's this morning. Although its still playing on Starworld i rather not watch it. I'll just watch the repeat tonight. I actually woke up early.. at 6.45am! i automatically took my pillow and comforter to the living room and tuned in to E! just for the red carpet thingy. Guess what, i fell back to sleep and woke up at 10am. Im blaming the rainy weather for this! hahahaa. make me sleepy only!

Im really hoping that Paramore will win Best New Artist. To those who have watched it this morning.. please dont tell me the results just yet ok? save your texts and dont bother to IM me for the results.

I'll be taking leave of this blog for this week. I think i'm going to be busy with my proposal of research which is due this 15th. I havent even fill in the form ;-P About Valentines day, i guess im going to be spending time alone with myself again. I mean, its not a bad thing, if compared to spending it with some lousy guy who just wants to score with you.

While i was typing this, a friend of mine just IM-ed me and told me she's going to the Philippines this thursday! to be geographically specific, Baguio city.. im so jealous of her! Actually, as at this moment.. i'd give anything to be anywhere but here. I just want a change of scenery.. a change of mood, a change of EVERYTHING! i feel like im running in circles i just want to break out of it. I want things to be better but its not working the way i want it to be. Just my luck, eh?

Anyway to all those Lovebirds out there.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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