Friday, February 8, 2008

Heartbreaking Quotes

  1. All the best Things in life are not meant to last ..things change and so do can never hold on to something forever so learn to love and let go
  2. I once thought that being LOVE was the best feeling in the world. but then i learned that the best feeling is being in LOVE with the right person.. so..don't rush.. be sure!
  3. LOVE has its times, season and own reasons! you cant ask it to stay, you can only embrace it as it comes and be glad that for a moment in your life it was yours.
  4. LOVE can make you happy but often times it hurts, but LOVE is only special when you give it to whom its worth
  5. It is wrong for me to say that "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU" coz i had libe my life before i knew you.. so instead of saying that i'd rather tell you this: "I WOULDNT HAVE A BETTER LIFE WITH YOU BY MY SIDE"
  6. I dont wanna put in my mind that someday i would have to see you walking away from me..but before it happens, i just wanna clarify may go but i have no reason not to follow you..
  7. Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still feel you can take it, never say you dont LOVE that person anymore when you cant let go
  8. If you LOVE someone but your someone LOVES someone, still be the same someone as before coz time will come your someone will realize that you are not just a someone but you are the only one.
  9. I need someone so i tried to talk to you, but you were in a hurry. i tried to call you, said you werre busy. I wanted to tell you what i feel, to tell you that i LOVE you.. now you'll never know coz guess what? I learned to let go
  10. Every now and then, my eyes start to water, my heart fills the hurt and my head starts to wonder. As im filled with memories i realize that i do and still am deeply in LOVE with you
  11. I took my courage just to stand by you, it took my strength just to hold your hand, it took me all my guts to say i LOVE you, but i would give my everything to hear you say i LOVE you too
  12. You told me im special, you told me you care, you told me you miss me, you told me you'll always be there, i ask you why you said coz i LOVE you, i asked if its true.. you said of course, you are my friend arent you??!
  13. You say you LOVE me but it doesnt really show, but theres 1 thing that i would like you to know.. though you dont care or mind me at all, someone's here for you prepared to catch you when you fall.
  14. Im trying very hard not to think of you, but i always end up doing the same thing. I try not to show you how much i care, but i show up caring for you more. I tried not to fall.. but i ended up loving you more.
  15. When you fall in LOVE you are ready to get hurt, you are ready to cry coz thats what its all about and now i want you to know that im ready to get hurt, ready to cry coz i had fallen in LOVE with you!

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