Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doctor McDreamy

Today i didnt went to the doctor! ahahaha. I was so scared last night about my condition, as soon as my brother went online i buzzed him and told him my story. See, my brother is an aspired doctor..he's finishing this June so he should know these stuffs. After telling him my story, he asked me a bunch of question and at one point i asked him back "Cancer ka ni?" (Is it cancer?) and he said "tidaklah.. buli tau ba kalu cancer" (No..we can know if its cancer") After an hour or so of 'free-consultation' i was a bit relieved.

Ok, you guys must be wondering what am i sick of. Well, according to my soon-to-be-doctor brother, i had an allergy outbreak :-D I wont be spilling any details on how sick i was all because of a hair tonic ive been using because i find it so unpleasant.

Actually, i DID went to see the doctor but not for melah. Dad told me to keep my grandma company at the clinic. I was surprise to see the doctor. I mean, he's so young! i think maybe just a year or two older than myself. Hensem lagi tu ehhehe. i was trying to keep my cool in the room while he examine my grandma but i think i only made myself look like a dork. I didnt know what to do in the room, since there was only 1 chair for the patient so i had no choice but to stand still, fold and unfold my arms, look around the room and once in a while stare at the doctor while he do his work like a sakai person. LOL!

My grandma's next appointment is on friday so that means i will get to see the doctor again! cuci mataaa!! haha.

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