Tuesday, April 8, 2008

5 Dresses

I just watched 27 dresses today and i think the movie is great! I love it!!! just imagine being a bridesmaid for 27 freaking times!?! Ive been a bridesmaid/ maid of honor for 5 times and i think thats more than enough. I wanted to stop after the 4th but how can i say no to my bestie? she would be devastated. Okay, lets go down my memory lane of being a bridesmaid..My first time being a bridesmaid was at age 17...

My first time being a bridesmaid and i wasnt happy.. because the dress that i personally picked was replaced! eeeee. I hated the dress, my hair was done in a way that i didnt like and my shoes didnt go with my dress.. I was a walking disaster! i couldnt find any better picture of me in that dress.. hahaha. this is the only one in the album.

This was my fourth time, and it was during my sister's wedding. I still have the dress as it was custom made. The dress isnt bad, it had a train at the back.. a short train. The only thing i hate about the dress now is the see through umbrella-ish sleeves. Urgh..But i thought it was pretty back then hahahah.. well, dont we all, huh?

This was my fifth time. I like this dress..although it was a bit loose because i gave my measurements to my bestfriend on the phone. I couldnt make it to the final fitting ;-P Coincidently, there was 2 weddings happening on that day (different locations, luckily) and the other wedding happens to be a friend of mine too! so after the wedding, i changed at the church and went to the reception of another wedding. Thank God my bestie's wedding reception was at night.

My second time of being a bridesmaid, hmm.. let me recall back. Oh ya, i wore a bright pink dress with ruffles on the sleeves. It was ugly.. i havent got a single shot of the dress in my album and thats the honest truth :-D

My third, i wore a maroon dress.. it was a knee length dress and i still have it in my closet :-D

Okayy, i guess thats my share of dresses being a bridesmaid/ maid of honor. Being one is greatt i like it but i think ive had enough.. cukup lah hehe. There is a saying "Three times a bridesmaid, Never a bride" and ive been a bridesmaid for 5 time.. and i dont want to be bridesmaid forever. I just hope the next time i wear something wedding-related, it'll be a wedding dress hehehhe.

..When will THAT happen? only God knows when :-D

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Jenna said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I've heard such good things about it! I can't wait to see it! : ]

27 times is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many! I've only been in two weddings (so far!)