Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last Sat

Last saturday evening was the pre-concert for the KUG (Kumpulan Umum Gabungan) that is going to be held later this month. The REAL concert i heard will be on the 27th of April..hmm, and i thought last saturday was the real concert.

eeeee.. can see my tummy! i guess thats what you get when you wear spandex over a cotton skirt! and see how close i am to the mic? thats because i couldnt hear myself, so i went closer to the mic and ended up looking like im about to eat the mic hahaha.

All of us.. Witness Wide: Harris, My dad, Bernard, Sharoline, Vinne, Moi, Josie Grossie, Beevy, Bandy, and Benedict.

My super talented cousins.. Bandy and Benedict.

The Gospel Singers

Angkasa choir (if im not mistaken :-D)
Ambassador Youth Chorale
Ladies Trio
Pastor Nelson Bendah
My friend, Phan on the keys
Pastor Francis Lajanin

All the pics above were taken by my sister, except for the first two pics which was taken by Juanita.

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