Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Me is Malas

It's tuesday. One week from today will be my research proposal presentation. yikes! i havent done my slides yet. i only finished reading 5 pages of my proposal hehe. The original plan was to start yesterday.. last night to be precise but i was waaaayyy too tired to even sit on the chair. See, last night i worked out for 2 hours! It was tiring since i never worked out that long, but at the same time its nice to sweat it all out.

I feel so malas today..although i know ive got work to do. *siigghh* Anyhoo, i was browsing in my picture collections when i came across this..

hahahaha!! Sepa lagi juling?!

This was taken at my aunt's place at Indah Permai when after a seminar at church, she asked us to come by her place for some snacks. I kinda miss hanging out with my cousins..we rarely see each other these days. Only in the weekends, on saturday at church.

Aight, i guess thats it for now. Have a nice day y'all!

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