Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Research Proposal Presentation Day(s)

The research proposal presentation started yesterday. I went to see my friends present last night because i want to see how it will be when my turn comes. The pictures will start with the 2nd day.. and then the first day. Just because the 2nd day (today) was my day of presentation hehehe..

The 2nd Day of Presentation

Me with my research proposal.. siap dengan komen2 dari examiner hehehe

Sharifah & Nani... and a small portion of my head!

Us again.. PEACE!

A closer shot of Sharifah & Nani.

BFFs..Best Friends Forever :-D

Victor presenting his proposal

Dr. Fumitaka Furuoka (examiner)


Puan Sharija (examiner)

My slides.. i was bored bah

The 1st Day of Presentation

Frank and evy.. not ready. Cass saja yg ready

Take two..Aik.. jual mahal pula cass ahh haha

Uiseh.. Gary.. concentrate ahh

We wanted to lawan flash... but looks like i terlebih awal gambar hahaha!

Yeaaayy, ive got my own signature for my blog :-D i just couldnt wait to use it. I got it this morning.. neat, huh?

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