Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend

So this is what i did in the weekend..

On saturday, i went to PMC (Pioneer Memorial Church) Tamparuli because there was this Sukarelawan Program.. dont ask me what the program is all about. I have no idea myself. The only thing i know was to go there and sing. with my group, that is. hehe. Being there at PMC was great because apart from getting to see and listen to other singing groups from all over the place, i also met old friends who i rarely get to see these days.. although we do communicate through sms, instant messaging, email, etc. thanks to the technology we have today.

Ok! Pictures...

Last practice before going on stage..

Me and Vinne

Vinne and Sharoline

Me and Vinne, again..

Vinne, Dave and I.. we were in the church's mothers room while waiting for our turn to go on stage.

The sumandaks of Witness Wide

Vinne, me and my sister

..Finally, it was our turn to get on stage

On sunday pula..i went out with my sister and her family. I was bored at home so i decided to tag along. On our journey back home, we had to stop near Tanjung Lipat because my nieces wanted milk, so my sister had to make some. After giving them their bottles, my sister, being the crazy photographer that she is, took out her camera and took pictures of the surrounding (you guys should check out her pictures, its quite good..and im not saying this just because she's my sister okayyy??) and this..

Hahahaha.. don't we look cool??!

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