Saturday, April 5, 2008


I was walking outside this evening when i saw the sky.. and i thought that the clouds were beautiful, so i took pictures of the sky using my Exilim (my digicam). FYI, i didnt do any alterations to the pictures ahh.


On another note, something rather 'strange' happened to me today. While the others went to church, i stayed home. why? ada la tu hehe. Anyhoo.. i switched on the tv then went to my room to get my celly. While i was in my room, i could hear the sounds of the tv. I took my time by replying messages on ym, and then suddenly i dont hear anything. I went out to the living room and saw the tv was switched off. I just stared at the tv for like, 10 seconds and thought to myself "okaaayyy, im alone.. at home. So who could possibly turn off the tv?" i looked around me and i felt scared. hahahahaha

Eeeee.. Bikin takutlahh.

After lunch, i told my mom and she looked at me in one sort of way that i myself cant explain how. But i think she doesnt believe me lah. I dont really believe in ghosts..and i dont know if this is ghost related. But the thought of it still gives me the chills.

One theory of mine, while chatting with a friend just now was maybe a cicak was on top of the remote and accidently stepped on the 'off' button while trying to get off the remote. hehehe.. i dunno. thats just one of my many silly theories ;-P If my theories are found to be wrong, then i guess i will need a scientific explanation..

Hmm.. this is going to be the last time im not going to church. serve me right i guess hahaha.. sudahla tia pi church, mo tingu tv lagi!

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