Friday, February 29, 2008

Papa Was A Rolling Stone

After watching David Hernandez sing this song on AI, i cant get this song out of my head! I was so happy when Simon said he was the best vocal of that night. For me, he has the most outstanding vocal among the male contestants not just that night but for this season's American Idol! I know ive said this before, and im going to say it again..


Current Likings

I like this magazine! Thanks Angel for lending me these.. very informational!

I cant wait for Josh Kelley's Special Company album to finish downloading! its now 92.3%!!! yayyyy!!

At the same time, im also downloading Janet Jackson's Discipline album. Im curious to hear how her new album sounds like. I can always delete it out of my hard disk if i hate it. LOL

I actually should be doing my research thingy but like malas la tonight!
I need some kind of inspiration.. or maybe i just need to remind myself over and over that i have a duedate i unwillingly have to follow. Sigh..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doctor McDreamy

Today i didnt went to the doctor! ahahaha. I was so scared last night about my condition, as soon as my brother went online i buzzed him and told him my story. See, my brother is an aspired doctor..he's finishing this June so he should know these stuffs. After telling him my story, he asked me a bunch of question and at one point i asked him back "Cancer ka ni?" (Is it cancer?) and he said "tidaklah.. buli tau ba kalu cancer" (No..we can know if its cancer") After an hour or so of 'free-consultation' i was a bit relieved.

Ok, you guys must be wondering what am i sick of. Well, according to my soon-to-be-doctor brother, i had an allergy outbreak :-D I wont be spilling any details on how sick i was all because of a hair tonic ive been using because i find it so unpleasant.

Actually, i DID went to see the doctor but not for melah. Dad told me to keep my grandma company at the clinic. I was surprise to see the doctor. I mean, he's so young! i think maybe just a year or two older than myself. Hensem lagi tu ehhehe. i was trying to keep my cool in the room while he examine my grandma but i think i only made myself look like a dork. I didnt know what to do in the room, since there was only 1 chair for the patient so i had no choice but to stand still, fold and unfold my arms, look around the room and once in a while stare at the doctor while he do his work like a sakai person. LOL!

My grandma's next appointment is on friday so that means i will get to see the doctor again! cuci mataaa!! haha.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Is Wrong With Me?!?


I'll be going to the doctor first thing in the morning, tomorrow and Im tagging my Dad along..because im scared. I know i'm a big girl already but deep down inside im still his little girl :-D Im not going to say what kind of illness that i have because i myself dont know whats wrong. Im scared to hear what the doctor have to say after examining me but at the same time i'm dying to know the truth.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

Paula's back and im already loving the song! and the video's not too shabby either! :-D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Save Me From Myself

It's kinda nice of her to share some moments from her special day. Her dress is beeeaaauuuttiifuuullll!

..You're. gonna. save. me. from. myself

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ive been tagged!

The Rules :

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. Tag 8 people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

The 8…

1. I smile AND laugh alot
2. I am a very indecisive individual
3. I LOVE food. But at the same time im terrified of gaining weight. how la that?
4. I love music. I could die without music
5. Because of my love of music, i tend to sing alot
6. I Love travelling. Im super excited of my next vacation this august!!
7. I am more knowledgeable on the Philippine music industry than our own local music industry. I know, shame on me not supporting the local music industry but how can i support when i dont even like the music they're playing right?
8. I eat my icecream with cereal

I want another 8 from…

1 My sister
2 Gary
3 Davelynne
4 Hness
5 Cindutt
6 Frisco
7 Danne
8. If you're reading this, and you're not one of the 7 people ive tagged..Then i tagg YOU!


ANTM is back ya'll! and it is bitchier than ever. I know for a fact that we are one cycle behind what the good people of America is watching. But since we're in Malaysia..just make the best of it lah. Although there is a little thing called "downloading" i am just lazy (pemalas negara, to be correct, kan Angel? LOL) to download them. I am currently downloading the movie, Juno. Ive seen the BTS (Behind The Scene) on E! and i think Ellen Page is spectacular!


On another note, i have finally decided to move on. I know my past posts were like, so emo, sad and stuff but i have made some SERIOUS thinking and i reeeeeaaaallllyyy think its time for me to move on with life. Whats the point of being mopey about one guy when the guy just doesnt give a hoot about u? ok, maybe he does think of me once in a while in his spare time, and probably in his little mind and deeeeeeeeeep down in his heart care for me? I dont know..and to be honest, i just dont care anymore.

I wouldnt want to look back one day and say "oh, i spent this amount of time on him and guess what? i got nothing out of it. Oh wait, i wasted time on him. yea, thats what i got!"

Since im at this topic. let me just tell ya'll what i dont like. i dont like to be ignored. especially in the early stages of courtship. i dont like to be treated as if whatever im saying is not as half as important as what he is saying. i hate it when guys think im all about being physical. i might be flirty when it comes to someone who i like but it doesnt mean that im allowing you into my pants or that you can feel me up when im a bit close to you and laugh at your jokes. Oh, and if i stare at u abit longer, that doesnt mean that i want to play tonguesy with you. Have some R.E.S.P.E.C.T will ya boy?

Im going to end this post with a lyric from Alicia Key's song Lesson Learned and it goes a little something like this :

Yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned.
My soul has returned so I call it a lesson learned

Im off to bed now. Im praying tuesday will be a better AND a start of a productive me! pemalas negara me now this. If there's such thing as a pill rajin, i would be popping pills already like its nobody's business. mwahahaha.

Nite ya'll.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

He's Been Faithful

In my moments of fear
Through every pain every tear
There's a God who's been faithful to me

When my strength was all gone
When my heart had no song
Still in love He's proved faithful to me

Every word He's promised is true
What i thought was impossible I see my God do

Cho: He's been faithful, faithful to me
Looking back His love and mercy I see
Though in my heart i have questioned
Even failed to believe
Yet He's been faithful, faithful to me

When my heart looked away
The many times i could not pray
Still my God was faithful to me

The days i spent so selfishly
Reaching out for what pleased me
Even then He's been faithful to me

Everytime i come back to Him
He is waiting with open arms
And i see once again

Cho: He's been faithful, faithful to me
Looking back His love and mercy I see
Though in my heart i have questioned
Even failed to believe
Yet He's been faithful, faithful to me

Ooh, in my heart i have questioned, even failed to believe
Yet He's been faithful..faithful

In my heart i have questioned, even failed to believe
Yet He's been faithful..faithful to me

He's been so faithful..faithful to me


I love this song and its lyrics. I actually sang this song at church today. It was a last minute thingy. I only got to practice this song at 10pm friday because at 7pm, i didnt have any pianist (my sister had to go to the clinic because her kids were down with the flu bug) and at 8.30pm was the time for Witness Wide, the singing group im with, to practice.

So, at church today i was like the "singer of the day" hahaha. I sang this during Sabbath School and sang with Witness Wide during Divine Service.

I just hope the song that i sang touched people's heart, lyrically & melodically
because to be honest, this song really gets to me, lyrically. Just read the lyrics and see whether you can relate yourself to it.

I think it did touched some people hehe because i did get some good reviews from the pastor and his wife :-D and some other people after church when they spoke & shaked hands with me :-D

But the whole point was to glorify His name.. not mine. But if people give me compliments, i'll take it hehehe.

Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol

If you are a fan of American Idol (like myself) then you must know by now that the Top 24 has been chosen. I must say, i am SO pleased with the judges choices. One reason to be happy is that american-with-an-english-accent Josiah didnt make the cut..YES!! and he was SO confident that he would make it. ha..ha!

I'm so haaappppyyyyy! All of my favorites made it. Theres alot of Davids this time, huh? hehe. But ive got my eyes on one particular David and thats David Hernandez. He reminds me of Elliott Yamin when he sings. I just love guys with a good set of pipes. If i could vote, I sure will vote for David H into the Top 12 :-D

David Hernandez

David Archuleta

David Cook

Oh, i also like Michael Johns.

As for the girls.. at this point, i only like 2 out of the bunch. They are Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado, the girl who lost her voice during Hollywood week but manage to sing like she didnt have any hoarseness to her voice.

Carly Smithson

Syesha Mercado

I cant wait to see them all, especially Mr. Hernandez to perform next week! :-D
I heard that Akademi Fantasia is going to start soon and i was like,"Oh puhhleez. not again" mwahahaha. Everything on that show is made up. Although AF had help to improve lives of many Malaysians, I still can go on and on about why i dislike Akademi Fantasia. I am just not a fan..sorry. But i rather not say it all out here :-D

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Good Things Never Last

It's three in the morning You're nowhere in sight
And all that I wanted was To be with you Tonight

I've watched love get closer And then fade away
I've seen you believe in me I've seen you trying to stay
But what good is holding on When you know
That all you can think about Is letting go

They say if you love someone Then set them free
If they come back again Then in the end It was meant to be
I thought we were lovers I thought we were friends
I guess when reality Steps in The dreaming ends

We live for the future We learn from the past
No matter how hard we try Some good things never last
All you can think about Is letting go

Be true to yourself my love That's all I ever wanted you to be
Just don't forget to smile When you think of me
I'll reach for the stars I have got them in sight
There's someone who really needs me Out there in the night

We'll live for the future We'll learn form the past
No matter how hard we try Some good things never last
Why can't they last?

Reality hurts. im going to cry buckets over this one :-(

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For the week

Damnit. I missed the Grammy's this morning. Although its still playing on Starworld i rather not watch it. I'll just watch the repeat tonight. I actually woke up early.. at 6.45am! i automatically took my pillow and comforter to the living room and tuned in to E! just for the red carpet thingy. Guess what, i fell back to sleep and woke up at 10am. Im blaming the rainy weather for this! hahahaa. make me sleepy only!

Im really hoping that Paramore will win Best New Artist. To those who have watched it this morning.. please dont tell me the results just yet ok? save your texts and dont bother to IM me for the results.

I'll be taking leave of this blog for this week. I think i'm going to be busy with my proposal of research which is due this 15th. I havent even fill in the form ;-P About Valentines day, i guess im going to be spending time alone with myself again. I mean, its not a bad thing, if compared to spending it with some lousy guy who just wants to score with you.

While i was typing this, a friend of mine just IM-ed me and told me she's going to the Philippines this thursday! to be geographically specific, Baguio city.. im so jealous of her! Actually, as at this moment.. i'd give anything to be anywhere but here. I just want a change of scenery.. a change of mood, a change of EVERYTHING! i feel like im running in circles i just want to break out of it. I want things to be better but its not working the way i want it to be. Just my luck, eh?

Anyway to all those Lovebirds out there.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Heartbreaking Quotes

  1. All the best Things in life are not meant to last ..things change and so do can never hold on to something forever so learn to love and let go
  2. I once thought that being LOVE was the best feeling in the world. but then i learned that the best feeling is being in LOVE with the right person.. so..don't rush.. be sure!
  3. LOVE has its times, season and own reasons! you cant ask it to stay, you can only embrace it as it comes and be glad that for a moment in your life it was yours.
  4. LOVE can make you happy but often times it hurts, but LOVE is only special when you give it to whom its worth
  5. It is wrong for me to say that "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU" coz i had libe my life before i knew you.. so instead of saying that i'd rather tell you this: "I WOULDNT HAVE A BETTER LIFE WITH YOU BY MY SIDE"
  6. I dont wanna put in my mind that someday i would have to see you walking away from me..but before it happens, i just wanna clarify may go but i have no reason not to follow you..
  7. Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still feel you can take it, never say you dont LOVE that person anymore when you cant let go
  8. If you LOVE someone but your someone LOVES someone, still be the same someone as before coz time will come your someone will realize that you are not just a someone but you are the only one.
  9. I need someone so i tried to talk to you, but you were in a hurry. i tried to call you, said you werre busy. I wanted to tell you what i feel, to tell you that i LOVE you.. now you'll never know coz guess what? I learned to let go
  10. Every now and then, my eyes start to water, my heart fills the hurt and my head starts to wonder. As im filled with memories i realize that i do and still am deeply in LOVE with you
  11. I took my courage just to stand by you, it took my strength just to hold your hand, it took me all my guts to say i LOVE you, but i would give my everything to hear you say i LOVE you too
  12. You told me im special, you told me you care, you told me you miss me, you told me you'll always be there, i ask you why you said coz i LOVE you, i asked if its true.. you said of course, you are my friend arent you??!
  13. You say you LOVE me but it doesnt really show, but theres 1 thing that i would like you to know.. though you dont care or mind me at all, someone's here for you prepared to catch you when you fall.
  14. Im trying very hard not to think of you, but i always end up doing the same thing. I try not to show you how much i care, but i show up caring for you more. I tried not to fall.. but i ended up loving you more.
  15. When you fall in LOVE you are ready to get hurt, you are ready to cry coz thats what its all about and now i want you to know that im ready to get hurt, ready to cry coz i had fallen in LOVE with you!

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Love and I

I got my heart broken by myself. It was my fault..i let him in too quick and he broke my heart.

Love has not been
That great of a friend to me, lately.
Over and over, again and again
Love has proved that she is tired of me, my enemy.

Repeating thoughts
of the pain that its caused.
And the tears that I've cried is probably why...

Love and I are breaking up tonight.
Love will go its way then im sure to find my...
Love, goodbye, but can you leave a trail behind
Because I know myself and I will change my mind
And want to love again

I really wish we were made to be
happy with our love in our life.
To know that I have total control
Over being happy, happy of reality

I cannot live without love
But I will try tonight

Ohhh, love and I are breaking up tonight.
Love will go its way and I'm sure to find my...
Love, goodbye, but can you leave a trail behind
Because i kno myself and I will change my mind
And want to love again

Ohhh, love and I are breaking, we're breaking up.

Love and I are breaking up tonight.
Love will go its way and I'm sure to find my...
Love, goodbye, but can you leave a trail behind
Because I know I'll change my mind
And want to love again

Yes, i have problems and i dont know what to do. Before this, i felt so blessed i started the year right. Happy and satisfied. But now? *siiiigggghhhh* i dont know whats happening. I know one thing for sure that this is one of God's test but its emotionally killing me. I am confused. When will it be ME? when will i be the one somebody's dreaming of? I am always like this.. why cant i be happy with someone who will truly love me for who i am?! Damn. Im starting to be a man-hater. They are ALLL the same!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is my 3rd entry for the day. I am sooo freakin' bored. After posting the two previous entries in the morning, i couldnt think of anything more to do. I wasnt even hungry so i skipped breakfast (i know its not good skipping breakfast hehe) and lie flat down on the bed and did some thinking which only made me depressed because all i could think of is the one thing that i dont, i repeat DONT want to think of. And everytime i try to block it out of my mind, it just keeps coming back to haunt me like a ghost.

So..i then decided to exercise. But it only lasted for 30minutes. Ohwell, atleast ive got some sweat out AND made me feel better.

Ive mentioned in an entry a few days ago that i met Louis Pang. So here's the pictures to prove it!

My sister (a die hard fan), and Mr.Louis Pang. (Please ignore Kimberly's face..hahaha. she was so sleepy at that time i dont think she realize whats happening around her)

Group pic.

Before i forget, i'd like to wish every single one of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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Stars of the Show

After the show, me and my friends went to take some pictures with the troupes. It is mostly me lah in here.. hehehe
Me and Sylvin.. an old friend who i havent met in years
The most 'famous' war dancer of the night..hehehe
Safari Cats
..and again.
Sexy dancer from Spain.

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Cultural Extravaganza

The Cultural Extravaganza that i attended with my friends was the bomb. It was really cool to see the culture of other countries. I expecially enjoyed the Kahurangi (Maori War Dance). Other International troupes includes Brazil, Kenya, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, and Ukraine. Here are pictures from the event. Click on it for a better view.

The show started with a medley of traditional ethnic dances from the Sabah Cultural Board

Malaysian local artists, Adam, Marsha & Ajai performed at the show

The show lastly ended with a medley of Malaysian dances from the department of culture and heritage.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

See ya later, alligator!

bon voyage

My cousin and her family departed back to Australia yesterday. All of us were so sad..because the two month stay that they had this time around were so siok none of us wanted to say goodbye. I guess the saying "all good things come to an end" is true after all.

Anyways, while waiting for them to check in, my sister pointed out to me and said "eh, isnt that Louis Pang?"..and guess what folks? it WAS louis pang!! I told my sister to go and talk to him and tell him that she admires his work. My sister was hesitant at first but after a few push from me and my cousin.. she finally went with my cousin. They even took pictures together and he gave her his namecard. He requested to my sister the pictures be sent to him so that he can post them in his blog.

After he finished checking in, he was pulled in for a group picture. Aahh, how i wish i could upload them in this entry but it's in my cousin's camera. so lambat to transfer the pictures. Hmm..I guess it'll have to wait til another entry.

I am going to the Cultural Extravaganza at UMS tonight. I cant wait!! :-D

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