Wednesday, April 30, 2008

P.Ramlee Dusun

"sepa mo masuk macam taik tu?"

mwahahahaha.. THIS cracks me everytime. Just last night alone, i watched it like 10 times and i laugh every single time. LOL!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend

So this is what i did in the weekend..

On saturday, i went to PMC (Pioneer Memorial Church) Tamparuli because there was this Sukarelawan Program.. dont ask me what the program is all about. I have no idea myself. The only thing i know was to go there and sing. with my group, that is. hehe. Being there at PMC was great because apart from getting to see and listen to other singing groups from all over the place, i also met old friends who i rarely get to see these days.. although we do communicate through sms, instant messaging, email, etc. thanks to the technology we have today.

Ok! Pictures...

Last practice before going on stage..

Me and Vinne

Vinne and Sharoline

Me and Vinne, again..

Vinne, Dave and I.. we were in the church's mothers room while waiting for our turn to go on stage.

The sumandaks of Witness Wide

Vinne, me and my sister

..Finally, it was our turn to get on stage

On sunday pula..i went out with my sister and her family. I was bored at home so i decided to tag along. On our journey back home, we had to stop near Tanjung Lipat because my nieces wanted milk, so my sister had to make some. After giving them their bottles, my sister, being the crazy photographer that she is, took out her camera and took pictures of the surrounding (you guys should check out her pictures, its quite good..and im not saying this just because she's my sister okayyy??) and this..

Hahahaha.. don't we look cool??!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When The Time Comes

Me and my sister sang a duet last week at church. The title of the song is "When the time comes" i admit, there were some wrong lyrics we sang.. and its my fault :-P i wrote down the wrong lyrics the night before hehehe. So here's the REAL lyrics to the song. I meant to upload the whole video but my connection so gila gila nowadays, it never completes so for the meantime, i guess this will do hehe..

Cleanse me Lord, of all my silly sad charades
How i want to be all and only Yours
Take away the clutter in my life everyday
and make me like a child at play

Give me joy i love to laugh and cry with You
You've become a friend with me all the time
Help me to be patient as i watch and as i pray
growing in Your love each day, Lord show me the way

When the time comes i want Him to know me
When the time comes i want to be there
When the time comes i want to be ready
When Jesus comes to take me, take me home

Fill me Lord, i want Your love to overflow
Running free through me to a lonely world

Let me share the simple truth that sets people free
How i want them all to see how it can be

When the time comes i want Him to know me
When the time comes i want to be there
When the time comes i want to be ready
When Jesus comes to take me
When my Jesus comes to take me
When Jesus comes to take me, take me home

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sabah Blackout

I was bored to death last night! all i had was my ipod for music and my celly..i was texting like chatting sija mwahahaha. I told a friend of mine who was located out of Sabah that the entire state of Sabah is experiencing a blackout, then he said "waahh drastic juga SESB mo celebrate world earth day" mwahahaha.. THAT, made me laugh LOL.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello y'all!

I would like to ask all of you a favor.. see, this semester im doing a research paper for my masters program. And it would be great if you guys participate in this simple survey on Factors Influencing the Customer's Selection of Five-Star Hotels in Kota Kinabalu. Just CLICK HERE and you'll be directed to the questionnaire. I have put my bestie's link there too.. since she is also doing her research. CLICK HERE to be directed her questionnaire. Her topic is Tourist's Satisfaction of 5-star Hotels in Kota Kinabalu.

I have put the link at the side of my blog. Just in case if you dont have any time now to answer them, come back later lah okayyy??

The survey is for those who have stayed at any five-star hotels here in Kota Kinabalu.. if you are not sure which hotel is rated five-star and which is not.. let me help you out with that..

here's the updated list of five-star hotels in KK that i got from Sabah Tourism. :

1. Nexus Karambunai
2. Shangri-La Tanjung Aru
3. Magellan Sutera
4. Hyatt
5. Le Meridien
6. Pan Pacific Sutera

So..if any of you out there reading this have stayed at any of the 6 above.. bahh, please help k!? Thanksssssssssssss!! :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just So You Guys Know...

Remember when i said i cant wait for Mariah Carey's new album to come out? the wait is over! I got the album already! yeaaayyy.. Im listening to E=MC2 (E equals M C Square) as im typing this.. i must say, the album is twice the nice of Emancipation of Mimi. I so like! she should do more songs like those..
E=MC2 is going to be my lullaby tonight! heheh.. nite ya'll.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Research Proposal Presentation Day(s)

The research proposal presentation started yesterday. I went to see my friends present last night because i want to see how it will be when my turn comes. The pictures will start with the 2nd day.. and then the first day. Just because the 2nd day (today) was my day of presentation hehehe..

The 2nd Day of Presentation

Me with my research proposal.. siap dengan komen2 dari examiner hehehe

Sharifah & Nani... and a small portion of my head!

Us again.. PEACE!

A closer shot of Sharifah & Nani.

BFFs..Best Friends Forever :-D

Victor presenting his proposal

Dr. Fumitaka Furuoka (examiner)


Puan Sharija (examiner)

My slides.. i was bored bah

The 1st Day of Presentation

Frank and evy.. not ready. Cass saja yg ready

Take two..Aik.. jual mahal pula cass ahh haha

Uiseh.. Gary.. concentrate ahh

We wanted to lawan flash... but looks like i terlebih awal gambar hahaha!

Yeaaayy, ive got my own signature for my blog :-D i just couldnt wait to use it. I got it this morning.. neat, huh?

Tuesdays With Morrie

I have recently finished reading this book. If Morrie was still alive, i'd hug that old fella..

Tuesdays With Morrie tells the true story of Morrie Schwartz and his relationship with his student, Mitch Albom(the author). the book chronicles the lessons about life that the author learned from his professor, who is dying from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. There's a sentence in the book, where Morrie said to Mitch that i love..

"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half asleep, even when they are busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."

I would recommend everyone, young and old, to read this book!

I will be having my proposal presentation tonight at 7pm.. Hope everything goes well. Good Luck to me!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Boy, You Had A Good Girl

Okay, so there's this boy who i have a crush on, and im more than sure he had one for me too. how i know? well, you know lahh.. But i dont know why, things didnt really turned out the way i planned out. I feel like ive been left out of the door, and now i sense he's like, keeping his distance from me. At first i thought maybe he's just busy or something, but after a few days..i mean, come doesnt take a scientist to understand the drill right? This has been a while and i think now, im just holding on to his words. ain't that silly? so for the weekend, ive been doing some thinking, and i came to a conclusion that me, waiting for him is like, waiting for a snow down in Malaysia. i mean, the signs are just in denial. but no more, i repeat.. NO MORE. coz time waits for no woman. Ive got other things to focus on right now so im letting go of that possibility. Hmm.. i do make alot of 'letting go's' dont i? hehehe.. anyway, this song is for the one i am letting go. It best describe what im feeling at the moment.

Somehow I sit here, and I think about it
Who needs love, for I've been without it
When I met you, I didn't wanna let you in
But you did something to me when you rubbed my hand
Told me you would never do me wrong
That what we have together will be so strong
So tell me what is this, I'm falling, keep falling, yeah

how could you take my heart and run
I was so mistreated
I thought you could be the one
You were all I needed

boy you had a good girl
I wanna give you the world
Even all the stars above
Wanna give you my love, yes all of my love

No matter how hard I try to fight it
There's no any other boy that can deny it
Coming around and out, spinning inside
And it takes all that I got to fight it

When I remmeber what you did
For believing in what you said
I put my trust in you
I gave my best to you
In the end there's no more you

how could you take my heart and run
I was so mistreated
I thought you could be the one
You were all I needed

You had a good girl but you let her slip away
Why did you, why did you

I was that girl for you that was always by your side
How could you, how could you
How could you

Boy you had a good girl
I wanna give you the world
Even all the stars above
Wanna give you my love, yes all of my love

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

5 Dresses

I just watched 27 dresses today and i think the movie is great! I love it!!! just imagine being a bridesmaid for 27 freaking times!?! Ive been a bridesmaid/ maid of honor for 5 times and i think thats more than enough. I wanted to stop after the 4th but how can i say no to my bestie? she would be devastated. Okay, lets go down my memory lane of being a bridesmaid..My first time being a bridesmaid was at age 17...

My first time being a bridesmaid and i wasnt happy.. because the dress that i personally picked was replaced! eeeee. I hated the dress, my hair was done in a way that i didnt like and my shoes didnt go with my dress.. I was a walking disaster! i couldnt find any better picture of me in that dress.. hahaha. this is the only one in the album.

This was my fourth time, and it was during my sister's wedding. I still have the dress as it was custom made. The dress isnt bad, it had a train at the back.. a short train. The only thing i hate about the dress now is the see through umbrella-ish sleeves. Urgh..But i thought it was pretty back then hahahah.. well, dont we all, huh?

This was my fifth time. I like this dress..although it was a bit loose because i gave my measurements to my bestfriend on the phone. I couldnt make it to the final fitting ;-P Coincidently, there was 2 weddings happening on that day (different locations, luckily) and the other wedding happens to be a friend of mine too! so after the wedding, i changed at the church and went to the reception of another wedding. Thank God my bestie's wedding reception was at night.

My second time of being a bridesmaid, hmm.. let me recall back. Oh ya, i wore a bright pink dress with ruffles on the sleeves. It was ugly.. i havent got a single shot of the dress in my album and thats the honest truth :-D

My third, i wore a maroon dress.. it was a knee length dress and i still have it in my closet :-D

Okayy, i guess thats my share of dresses being a bridesmaid/ maid of honor. Being one is greatt i like it but i think ive had enough.. cukup lah hehe. There is a saying "Three times a bridesmaid, Never a bride" and ive been a bridesmaid for 5 time.. and i dont want to be bridesmaid forever. I just hope the next time i wear something wedding-related, it'll be a wedding dress hehehhe.

..When will THAT happen? only God knows when :-D

Me is Malas

It's tuesday. One week from today will be my research proposal presentation. yikes! i havent done my slides yet. i only finished reading 5 pages of my proposal hehe. The original plan was to start yesterday.. last night to be precise but i was waaaayyy too tired to even sit on the chair. See, last night i worked out for 2 hours! It was tiring since i never worked out that long, but at the same time its nice to sweat it all out.

I feel so malas today..although i know ive got work to do. *siigghh* Anyhoo, i was browsing in my picture collections when i came across this..

hahahaha!! Sepa lagi juling?!

This was taken at my aunt's place at Indah Permai when after a seminar at church, she asked us to come by her place for some snacks. I kinda miss hanging out with my cousins..we rarely see each other these days. Only in the weekends, on saturday at church.

Aight, i guess thats it for now. Have a nice day y'all!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Killing Time

Got this one from Gary.

1. Are you taller than your mom?
= Yes

2. What color is your shower curtain?
= No shower blue walls around me lah

3. What is the closest thing to you
right now that is red?
= A medicine cap

4. What is your ring tone?
= with you..with you..with you.. with youuuu

5. Does anything hurt on your body
right now?
= 1 big annoyingn pimple on my chin. sakitt oo

6. What color is your favorite pillow?
= green

7. What is your favorite video game?
= dont play video games

8. Had a nap today?
= not yet

9. Gold or silver?
= Gold

10. Is there an animal that creeps you
= i despise frogs and lizards.. gross.

11. Who was the last person you rode an
elevator with?
= my sister

12. Did you go ice skating as a kid?
= nope

13. Ever have stitches?
= thank God, no

14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
= carrot juice

15. How long ago did you hug someone?
= yesterday..hugged my little munchkin, elsa

16. What's something you want to do
before you die?
= repent :-D

17. Have you ever caught something on
= yes

18. Have you ever seen a ghost?
= nope

19. Have you ever seen northern lights?
= nope

20. Do you know how to use chop sticks?
= yes although i prefer to use fork and spoon

21. Name something good that happened
= they let me stay in bed til 11am hahah. this explains the good mood im in

22. What room are you in?
= my room

23. Are you worried about something you
can't control?
= yes

24. Do you take daily medications?
= only vitamins

25. Ever been in a fight?
= yes, who hasnt?

26. Are you wearing nail polish?
= nope

27. What time is it?
= 1.04pm

28. Innie or outie?
= a little bit of both

29. Ever used a Ouija board?
= nope

30. Sweet or Sour?
= sweet

31. Sun or Moon?
= moon

32. Mint or Gum?
= gum

33. Strawberry or Blueberry?
= blueberry

34. American Idol or The Bachelor?
= AI

35. Cookies or Chips?
= Chips

36. Time of day you were born?
= 1.14pm

37. Do you know your blood type?
= O.. universal donor

38. Do you know how to kill a zombie?
= shoot him in the head?

39. Have you donated blood?
= nope :-P sa lukiii.. hahahaha. actually, im scared of needles thats why lah

40. What would you spend 5,000 dollars
on right now if you were handed it?
= Buy myself a new wardrobe

41. Name something annoying in public
= smelly people. mwahahha

42. Which animal(s) remind you of
= bears.. honey bears, polar bears

43. Whats your background on your pc?
= me! im quite vain, u see.

44. Did you grow up in the city or
= city for the first 5 years, then country

45. Would you ever consider going on a
reality tv show if offered a large sum
of money?
= sure

46. Have you flown in your dreams?
= im superwoman in my dreams

47. What's one thing you're really good
at cooking?
= rice. hahahaha

48. Kisses or hugs?
= can i have both?

49. You have 10 dollars to spend in the
dollar store.. What do you get?
= Water and gum. Oh, and change..cannot forget that hehe.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I was walking outside this evening when i saw the sky.. and i thought that the clouds were beautiful, so i took pictures of the sky using my Exilim (my digicam). FYI, i didnt do any alterations to the pictures ahh.


On another note, something rather 'strange' happened to me today. While the others went to church, i stayed home. why? ada la tu hehe. Anyhoo.. i switched on the tv then went to my room to get my celly. While i was in my room, i could hear the sounds of the tv. I took my time by replying messages on ym, and then suddenly i dont hear anything. I went out to the living room and saw the tv was switched off. I just stared at the tv for like, 10 seconds and thought to myself "okaaayyy, im alone.. at home. So who could possibly turn off the tv?" i looked around me and i felt scared. hahahahaha

Eeeee.. Bikin takutlahh.

After lunch, i told my mom and she looked at me in one sort of way that i myself cant explain how. But i think she doesnt believe me lah. I dont really believe in ghosts..and i dont know if this is ghost related. But the thought of it still gives me the chills.

One theory of mine, while chatting with a friend just now was maybe a cicak was on top of the remote and accidently stepped on the 'off' button while trying to get off the remote. hehehe.. i dunno. thats just one of my many silly theories ;-P If my theories are found to be wrong, then i guess i will need a scientific explanation..

Hmm.. this is going to be the last time im not going to church. serve me right i guess hahaha.. sudahla tia pi church, mo tingu tv lagi!

Your Heart Today

Where there is fear I can allay
Where there is pain I can heal
Where there are wounds I can bind
And hunger I can fill

Lord, grant me courage
Lord, grant me strength
Grant me compassion
That I may be Your heart today

Where there is hate I can confront
Where there are yokes I can release
Where there are captives I can free
And anger I can appease

When comes the day I dread
To see our broken world
Protect me from my cell grown cold
That Your people I may behold

And when I've done all that I could
Yet there are hearts I cannot move
Lord, give me hope
That I may be Your heart today

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Nature Girl

Today i woke up with no electricity... eeeee. I hate it when this kind of thing happens. especially early in the morning. Ok, maybe it wasnt early in the morning, coz the time was showing 9am when i woke up ;-P I reached for my celly and texted my friend, who was working at SESB (Sabah Electricity Sendirian Berhad) to ask how long the electricity be down. After a minute or so, he texted me back saying it will be down for not more than 3 hours. Pheww, thank God it wasnt going to be until 5pm.

So I dragged myself out of bed, brush my teeth and wash my face. I went to the kitchen to see whats for breakfast but I wasn't feeling hungry yet, so i decided to take a stroll at the backyard.. It was so sunny! i like..
See.. the sky is blueeee

Mom's orchid is finally blooming
The backyard
A pineapple! in my backyard! but it's not ripe yet..will check on it in a few days. Hopefully Mr. Squirrel wont go and make any territory marks on it by then.

Im kind of glad that there wasnt any electricity in the morning.. if there was i wouldnt even know the existence of the pineapple at the backyard and the wild flowers growing there. Plus, it was such a beautiful morning and im glad i went outside to appreciate nature. I should do this more often!

After spending 30minutes or so outside, I now am ready to have my breakfast. Feeling extra healthy today i decided to have fruit salad for breakfast.
I mixed papaya, plums, grapes and apple all together..and presto, you got yourself a fruit salad. :-D