Since it's friday today, me and my friends went to Warisan Square for lunch (we usually eat in the pantry of our office, to save up kunun...). While on our way to the eatery we stopped by this stall selling cookies and cupcakes. The cookies were locally (Sabah) made and we tried some of them (they give out samples) and we bought those cute cupcakes. I didnt really want to buy the cupcakes but since the lady said "kalo beli 3, Rm1 satu" (the price was rm1.50 each).

We met Grace at the eatery and had our little snacks after ordering our lunches. Here are some of the pics of just now.

Our cupcakes. They weren't as half the bad i thought it would be :P So, in short, "tia rugi juga rm1 sa" hohohohoho

My cupcake :) It doesnt really look pink in the picture but it has pink frosting.

Me and Christy with our pink cupcakes.

Grace and Nancy.

After a while, our lunches came.. here's what we had:

Christie's lunch



I didnt mention the name of the eatery because i forgot the name lol! but it's somewhere around Warisan Square.. that's for sure! hehehehe..



nc said…
hehe..o the name of the place ..wong kok restaurant ba tu, kalu inda silap la,,

hehe..cantik n sedap tau itu cup cakes,,:)
CrazieSexaCool said…
aik.. the cheese baked rice mcm Hong Kong Recipe punya ni.. hehehe..


lapar suda sa deell.. odooii
Zoi said…
Uwaa..uwaa..sedih, sedih! napa sa teda Dell? Sia rindu oo Sabah and our Friday's Lunch Excursion. Sa balik April or May..Nanti sa join lunch excursion a.

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