Middle Eastern Food in KK

Yes, there is now an Arabic fast food in KK called "Alladin". My bestie told me a week or so ago about this but only last sunday when i was at 1Borneo (again) for a movie with my brother (we watched Watchmen) i saw this stall when we were about to make our way to the exit. I got all excited because i dont get to eat shawarma everyday.. and the closest shawarma is in the Philippines. I ordered one chicken shawarma and out of my excitement..

..i got dissapointed. The shawarma wasn't the shawarma i expected it to be! :( I mean. in terms of how it taste. It looks like your regular shawarma but it taste awful. I felt like i was eating a chicken burger in the form of a shawarma!..The pita was too thick and i had a hard time chewing it. I did not like it at all. I wanted to fly to the Philippines that instant just for a shawarma.

Alladin Arabic Fast Food.. thats the first and last time for KK middle eastern food for me

The menu. I know it's hard to read from the picture. Try clicking on the picture to enlarge it.


On another different note, i just want to tell all ya'll that i've got all 4 books of the twilight saga!! yeayyyy.. (i completed my collection 3 weeks ago hehehehe.. seee?? i told you im the queen of procrastination)

♥ P.


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