Kawang Camping Trip

So i promised to make a post on the camping trip that i had a couple of weeks earlier. I went camping with 96 students of mine at Kawang. The camping trip was actually an activity of one of their subject (not my subject) and i decided to tagg along because i wouldnt want to be idling at the office for 3 days.

Okay, so we head up to Kawang on the 11th of March at 10am. The journey took us about 1 hour to reach there. It wasn't that far actually but we had to drive slow.. safety first bah, lagipun banyak ni anak urang yang mau dijaga hehe.
Some of the boys - Hendrikus, Le Roy, Aldie, Jimmy & Zamry
Girl's tents -- this is where some of the girls slept.
Some of my students.
Jungle trekking at night to the waterfall on Day 1

Along the way, we saw this.. Can you spot the insect??
On Day 2 we went into the jungle (the same place where we had our jungle trekking) for some sight seeing. Besar kan the pokok?
Sherazean, Saiful, Wiston, Robson, Yours Truy, Dolly & Hafizan
The waterfall.
Star foots!
Day 2 - Charles, Val & Deddy just before starting the climb up to the bats cave.
Ramai kan we all? see if you can spot me! hehehe

The guide told me that the hike is 2.9km and whoever wrote 1.9km must not know how to write the number "2" lol!
Roland and Jimmy
Hiking up
Looky what we have here... PACATTT!! hahaha. Almost everyone (minus me) was screaming pacat in the forest. Me? naah, im not scared of that little bugger.

We took about 4-5 hours to complete the whole jungle trekking, since it was raining and the pathway was all muddy we sometimes had to slide on our butts. I hit a tree when sliding down the hill and that was when my arm got bruised. I seriously wanted to take off my jeans in the middle of the jungle at some point because it was so heavy as a result of getting soaked by the rain. It was reeeeaaaalllly hard to hike in the jungle wearing soaked jeans. A lesson learned :D ni la akibat kalu mo begaya ja hahahahha.. hiking pun mo pakai jeans hohohoho
That night was Malam Seribu Sayang.. All of them brought along their sarungs except for me cos i didnt know about having to bring our sarungs. But it's okay though cos Dolly and Esther (the two girls in the above picture) didnt wear their sarungs too :D ada juga kawan sa heheh
Roland and I.. ensem kan my student hehehehehe
Waiting to go home
Day 3 - Time to say goodbye.

It's been a loooooong while since i went on a camping trip and i was glad i went along. On the way back from Kawang to KK i called up my dad to fetch me at KK and guess what??? he was at Kota Marudu. OMG!!! i didnt want to take the bus home with so many things to carry!! so i called everyone i know on my cellphone and luckily my cousin was willing to fetch me.. she was the lifesaver of the day :D

When she came to fetch me, she asked whether i was interested to go to 1Borneo for lunch and i unwillingly said yes (my body was aching like hell plus i look like a trainwreck -- i got no makeup on, and my hair's in a mess) But luckily i didnt see anyone i know there hehe.

Dad fetched me at my cousin's place in the evening at around 4pm. As soon as i reached home, i unpack my stuffs, throw my dirty laundry in the washing machine, took a loooong hot shower and went to bed. But my sleep was cut short. Mom woke me up because I had singing practice that night at church. Damn. Being a good-girl-who-doesnt-miss-practice that i am, i went.

It was a hectic day, but i like hectic. It keeps my mind off umm, ..stuffs :)

♥ P.


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