Food Talk.

I meant to post this earlier, but as usual procrastination got the best of me. Last saturday, me and my cousins went to GSC 1Borneo to watch City of Ember at 11.30pm. We got there early, at around 10.15pm. So we circled around 1Borneo in search of food. Since it was late, every shop was starting to close down. When we stopped at California Grill, the first thing we asked was "mau tutup suda ka?" hahaha.. when they said no, we straight away went inside and this was what we ordered:

Lemon tea for the three of us

Ceaser salad

Seafood pizza

I enjoyed the food there, and i must say the price wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be..Ceaser Salad was RM10.90 and Pizza (regular) was RM19

After having supper, we went up to GSC and watched our movie.
After movie, i was suppose to meet some friends at KK but when i texted them, they were already home and said that i was late hahaha. I told them i'll join them next time.. tomorrow never dies right? :)



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