(To whom it may concern)

You know what i hate? people who blog about how the world is sooo unkind to them lah, or how people are relentlessly mean to them..yada yada yada. I mean, come on laH.. the world doesnt revolve around u okayyy??? It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Stop blaming others and please just for once, please, for everyone's sake just shut your mouth up and blame your own effin self. It's about time you do.

Another note while im at this : You play the victim like, all the time..i know how you roll. I know why you do it, its because you love the attention that you get from guys. Deny all you want.. action speaks louder than words. Just so you know, it's getting old.



Anonymous said…
bahhahaahaa...sumthing like u know..heyy im here..attention puhhhleezzz or worse than that im a victim blahh blahhh

Shane A.k.a BP group

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