The Long Weekend

BACKPOST : This happened 2 weeks ago (7th March - 8th March 2009)

Since it was a public holiday on monday me and a few friends (me, iuq, jeba, itah & harriet - itah's bf) decided to go to The Tip of Borneo at Kudat. They picked me up at my house around 5pm and had to go slow because it was raining cats and dogs. Since it was already night time when we passed Kota Belud, we decided to spend the night at Kota Marudu and make Tip of Borneo oour priority the next day. We arrived at Kota Marudu at around 8pm and had our dinner at Warung Kak Siti.. I had rojak ayam, since i never tasted Kota Marudu's rojak ayam. Not too bad i must say.

Us at Warung Kak Siti.

After dinner, we went to iuq's house and spent the night there.

We had to wake up early the next morning as we plan to watch the sunrise at Simpang Mengayau.. KONON! hahaha. We made our way from Kota Marudu at 5.30am and arrived at Simpang Mengayau at around 8-8.30am. We drove slow because iuq just had an accident a few months earlier and she's still wearing a neck brace. It's okay arriving late though, the important thing is that WE arrived there safe. kan?? kan???

Us at Simpang Mengayau

Going down to the tip.

Iuq, me and Jeba

I wanted to go closer to the tip but the waves were starting to get wild. The waves got to me and my pants got all wet as a result of that.

The tip of Borneo.. what a sight.

kodak moments in the making

Me and Itah

Yours truly

After spending some one or two hours there, we drove back to Kota Marudu. Iuq suggested we go see the 4x4 challenge at Tagas. So we went.

One of the contenders trying to get through the rocks.

It was my 1st time to go to such event. Ive heard about the 4x4 challenges like all the time but never even bothered to go. Now i know why people are so into it. Wanna know why? go check it out for yourself la baa..

Then it was time to go home. It was almost noon and we havent had our breakfast yet but we weren't that hungry and Harriet had to drive back to Sandakan that same day but before he could do that, he had to drive us back to KK so in short, we were in a hurry. We all (minus Harriet) had our brunch at Kingfisher. I savoured every grain of rice i had as i was really REAAAAALLLLY hungry that time. It was around 2pm hehehe.. kids, dont follow our eating habits. Nanti segala gastric, dugal keluar tauu.. nasip sa teda dugal heheh.

It was a fun weekend no doubt :)



Gallivanter said…
I always wanted to visit the Tip of Borneo whenever I'm in KK but always get sidetracked. I have to do it this July!

I'm also thinking of organizing a simple bloggers get-together but haven't worked out the details yet.

You game?
Zoi said…
wah del..makin sa rindu Sabah ni nampak Tip of Borneo.
Pammie said…
Gallivanter.. count me in! im game :)

Zoi.. ba, bila ko balik sabah ni? hehehe

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