Move Bella.

(i look like i have gained 10kg but i didnt. honestly. i gained a couple of pounds tops. It's the angle. *sigh* i know i'm now fattt and i am doing something about it - gonna talk about it in the next post)

Are you ready for Eclipse? I am SO ready for it! i know these days there has been nothing but football talk but i don't watch football. Sorry. I probably will be watching the final but thats about it.

Anywaayyy, back to Eclipse talk.. i've been going around the net and i found something interesting for you die-hard fans of the movie. These are not spoilers, they're guides to what to watch out for in the newest installment of the twilight saga.

1. No matter what people say about Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in the movie.. sorry team Edward this is his movie.

2. Jasper & Rosalie Cullen get significant screentime in their vampire beginnings - it's nice to see these characters get attention.

3. The soundtrack to the movie is particularly cool this time around. It is said to be less indie and angry and more thoughtful. I say, IT'S ABOUT TIME PEOPLE!

4. The wolf pack. Now need i say more? shirtless guys with body to die for running around??

picture courtesy of:

the shirtless wolf pack. ok, i know they kinda look like hillbillies, but just look at those abs!!.. they're like hillbillies with super yummy bods. *drools*


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