Eclipse, And The Dilemma Of Inception.

It's 2.33pm and i just came back from the movies :-D yes, i spent my lunch break at the movies watching.. *drum roll* ECLIPSE!!! wooot wooott!!

After the last installment of Twilight, i didnt think the next one would be nice that is why when Eclipse came out the same week as Despicable Me, I opted to watch the latter. OMG..OMG..OMFG!!! I HEART ECLIPSE! Let's not talk about New Moon because for me, it was a disaster. pffffttt!!

I can't wait for the next installment of the Twilight Saga - BREAKING DAWN! I think i know why i fell in love with Eclipse and not with New Moon. It's because i read New Moon before the movie and i know every part by detail (just like in the book) but when the movie came out, it didnt reach my expectations. So this time around, i didnt even bother finishing the Eclipse book. I only read half of it because i didnt want to get dissapointed again. I've got all four books laying neatly on my bookshelf but i dont think i'll be reading them anytime soon. Ok, maybe just a peek of Breaking Dawn once in a while.. because i'm curious like that hehehehe.

While typing this entry, my brother texted me and asked whether i want to watch Inception tonight, the new Leo Dicaprio movie. I saw the trailer just now and it was super cool!! i want to watch it lahhh. But the thing is, the show for tonight is at 9pm and 12am. Hmm. I have to make a decision. There's this evangelistic meeting at church tonight (every night infact until the 24th) and i'm singing tonight for the special song segment. He texted me again and said we could watch Ong Bak 3 first at 9.50pm and then Inception at 12.00am. My reply: "sure, why not" ha! i dont really mean it :-P because i have class on froiday as early as 8am but i reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly want to watch Inception!! let's just pray i dont fall asleep during the movie.

Gonna watch this tonight! (more like, tomorrow morning hehe)


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