Forgotten Pictures of Gayaratau

So i was browsing through my photo albums in my computer and came across these photos. I totally forgot to blog about our trip to Gayaratau. This was in May! hahaa..Anyway, a short description about the trip:

All of us there in the picture are workmates (except for Diviannah - a colleague's sister) we all went to Gayaratau for swimming and barbeque at the river. It was raining season that time so the river water was quite heavy and there were some parts that were so deep. We had fun jumping in and out of the river.

At the corner of the road, waiting for the rest to get to the juncture. we were early :)

We couldn't go to the river using the Savvy so we had to wait for another car to get us there.

I seriously don't remember why i was laughing so hard haha..

While waiting for our car, we saw a small bridge nearby and we all went there like sakais hehe
Jagung bakar.. yum!

Eating barbequed corn straight from the burner!


There is one place in the river that is so deep, but obviously that place isn't this..

Washing the sand and dirt out of my pants..

The fishes! no, it wasnt caught in the river.. it was bought :)

The fishes might be scared of me that time.. i'm eating barbequed fish in the river! haha. Behind me is Diviannah :)

Me and Jess, ready to go home.

I was ready to go home when suddenly i received a text message from my dad saying my mom was admitted into the hospital because she got dengue. So i went to the hospital in those clothes. My mom was horrified to see me in those clothes haha. I dont usually go out to the city in short shorts that's why my mom had that reaction. I told her i was too concern about her than what i was wearing, which was true :)

Let me look more into my pictures folder.. who knows what can be found again in it? :)


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