Random Things In My Room

In this post, i am going to show all you all some things that are in my room. Things that i use in a daily basis or things that are somewhat important in my daily life. Or things that i find to be just straight down cute.

I read this every night to feed my spirit and warm my heart (says the book)

My (still) empty piggy bank. I make sure i put the week's remaining coins inside. I'm starting to save up :)

Pictures! (of me, ofcourse)
Books! I read alot and this is just a small portion of my books in my room

My blue stability ball that i do crunches on.. every now and then to get a flat stomach kunun! haha

Polka-dot cloths that i bought in the Philippines in June. I still haven't made up my mind on the design. I know it's gonna be something vintage-looking, but i haven't finalized my thoughts on the style and design.

My ballerina pen, which ended up being an accessory on my desk rather than functioning as a real pen.

Smily flowers. This was given to me during my graduation for my Masters way back in 2008 by a friend of mine, Angeline :) I kept the flowers in a jar.. like real flowers.

I think i should take a picture of my room one day.


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