Kaamatan Gawai Celebration

Last sunday, the company that i am work for had a dual (Kaamatan & Gawai) celebration at Putera Ballroom. I apologize for the very late post of this event. Anywayyyy, pictures!! loads of them.

The CEO of the company, Dato' Edmund Santhara giving his speech.

Desi & Elmy

The Bobohizans

A Sarawakian dance.. i forgot the name of the dance hehe

Del & Bel

Esther OIAM was one of the entertainers that night.


Imelda & I

With one of my student

Bel, Bev & Angel

The Cheong Sam girls

Angel, Nat & I

Vijay wearing a Sarawakian costume

This is what i call 1Malaysia :)



The people at my table..

With gorgeous Elmy.

Oh, i almost forgot to mention that I performed that night :) The performance was a little different than usual because we sang with the choir as the background singers. I dont have any pictures of my performance so, yeah.

Ok people, it's almost 4.30pm which means, time to go home!! :)


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