The Link Between Being Nice & Trojans.


..but it wasnt on Thursday night. I watched it on Saturday night with my cousins. All 7 of us had to catch the midnight show at 12am because we went to church first for the evangelistic meeting.
Since it was still early, i decided to get an hour or so of sleep while the rest of them watched X-Men on TV but i dont think they were watching the movie, they were too noisy but i did manage to sleep through the noise hehe.

After the movie, my 16 year old cousin told us that he was feeling dizzy haha.. I loved the movie. I never paid that much attention to a movie (apart from Avatar) :) I like the fact that you need to concentrate on the movie in order for you to understand it. Movies that make you think.. i like! :)

On a different story, a friend of mine asked if i have New Moon movie. I said i'll have to check first on my external hard disk. I lended my external hard disk to a different friend last week, thought that her laptop would be 'clean'. When i was trying to open my hard disk, trojans were found.


I just hope they wont corrupt my files inside. This is the last time im going to lend my harddisk to anyone. If they want anything, they just have to give me their pendrive and i'll put in whatever they want inside their pendrive.

I think i'm too nice. wayyy to nice. It's time i put some limit to my niceness. I lend people my stuff, and what do they do? infect it with trojans. *sigh*


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