The Journey Getting There.

Ever since i became one chunky-butt again, i vowed to myself i am going to lose it by august. I am doing this not to torchure myself, but because i want to feel and look good again. See, my clothes don't fit me right anymore. I mean, i can fit my clothes but they're a bit too tight now. So i am taking the first step: admitting to myself (and to the whole world) that i'm a chunky-butt.

I actually started my 'journey' of losing the pounds last week but i only managed to work out one time. This week, i have managed to work out three times already (out of four days) and i am sooooo proud of myself! If you're thinking i work out at the gym, you thought wrong. I work out at home. Yes. At home.

What type of work out you may ask? I do Body Combat. What is body combat? Body combat is a work out inspired by martial arts and draws from an array of karate, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Expect lots and lots of sweat!

What are the benefit of Body Combat? (this, i copy from

1. Improves heart and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease
2. Tones and shapes key muscle groups
3. Burns calories for a leaner body
4. Improves co-ordination and agility
5. Improves bone density
6. Improves posture and core strength and stability
7. Builds self-confidence

If you're wondering how do i do this body combat thingy at home? Simple. I download the clips on youtube. Look for Lessmills body combat videos. That's the ones that i used to work out with. I have been working out using these videos for more than a year already but i stopped for a while to go jogging with my friends. Guess jogging isn't cut out for me, huh? Better just stick with what is best for me - BODY COMBAT!

If you don't like working out at home using the videos, you can always go to your local gym and sign up for the class. I know the gym (i forgot the name) at City Mall offers body combat classes.

After last night's 45minutes work out. A short work out because i want to catch CSI at 10pm :)

I won't be working out tonight, though. I'm gonna go to the movies to watch (no, not Eclipse) Despicable me!! I figure the vampires and the wolf gang could wait hehe.

I think it won't do me any harm if i skip work out for today. Here's what i had for the whole day:

- 1 Tuna sandwich (whole meal bread) with lettuce
- 1 glass of low fat milk

Snack (at work):
- 2 Mcvites digestive biscuits

- Papaya + grapes
- 2 Tuna sandwich (whole meal bread) with lettuce

- yoyo drink (chocolate with pearl - my fav!)

Thats about it.

About dinner later, hmm. I dont know what i'm going to be having. If dinner is something deep fried (mom cooks dinner :-P) i probably will skip and have something that is more lighter.

See how freakishly healthy i could get? I always say "If there's a will, there is a way" hehehe..

By August, i promise i'll be miss chunkybutt no more! :)


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