Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9th Bi-Division ASI Convention

I said yesterday that i will be telling all you all about the Adventist-Services and Laymen Industry (ASI) convention that was held at The Grandseason hotel, KL. There's not that much to say, just the experience (it's my 1st time attending) was overwhelming. I was moved by all the testimonies and experiences that were shared by the speakers and preachers. Here are some pictures that i took during the convention.
The Convention Choir
Davelyn and Novie (one of my oldest friends i got) (i grabbed this pic from davelyn)
Sabah ladies delegate (there are more of the ladies but they didnt join in)
H.E Dr Bienvenido V. Tejano on the sax, a blind man on the keyboard, and David Gates on a mini trumpet (is that what it's called? ;-P) ..Dad and his friend in the background looking on. By the way, dad and his friend plays the trumpet very well. They played trumpet since highschool.
Yes.. God has a plan for everyone.

SPUC delegates on stage
Singing group from Indonesia.. Unceasing Cantica

Singing group from China (i think)
This is the swimming pool at the apartment that i go swimming every evening ehhehe
Petronas twin towers
With Silverman at Bukit Bintang.

I had fun at KL although it was only for a 4 days. I didn't expect the convention to be that interesting. I am SO gonna be at the next convention in three years time. Place of the next ASI convention is yet to be determined. But no matter where it is, i hope im still around so that i can attend it. Something that i got from the convention..


Although i had fun at the convention, i had MORE fun shopping..hehe. I shopped like there is no tomorrow (as usual). I ended up buying 9 dresses (omg!) and 4 pairs of shoes :-D

See how much fun i had? hehehehe

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