Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hottest Indon Singer Of Today.

I rarely listen to Malay music.. But i'll give this one an exception :-) I followed my bro-in law home yesterday and i got to listen to Afgan's Terima Kasih Cinta.. I instantly became hooked to the song! at first i thought it was Anuar Zain, but it didnt really sound like him. Then i thought maybe Hazami... but it didnt sound like him too! so i told my sister who was sitting infront to turn up the volume so that i can listen clearly at the end of the song when the DJ announces who the singer is.

He is young..only 19 years old of age. Im sure he will go far with a voice like that!

Talented guy + Meaningful song = AWESOME JOB!

.. Enjoy folks! :-)

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