Overjoyed v.2.0

I know i said im taking my leave and will be back next year.. well, THAT didnt happen hahaha. Too bored to stay at home so here i am in the office.. "working" heh! but its kinda like a holiday here in office because there's no work. I just hope that it will be half day for us *fingers crossed*

Anyways, as i have mentioned in the older posts i will be doing my own rendition of the Stevie Wonder song "overjoyed". Well, the day has arrived and here it is for you to listen. Like what Rin on the Rox says.. like it, hate it, love it.. whatever! just enjoy it. Oh, i have to give credit to Edex7 for the wonderful instrumental on Overjoyed. If you (Edex7) happen to come across this page and find this offensive do let me know and i'll remove this as soon as possible. By the way this song clip is only a partion of it. Click HERE if you want to hear the full song.

Enjoy! :-D

Overjoyed - Pammie


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