Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Marie France Experience

Yesterday, me and two of my colleagues, nancy and evelyn went to Marie France Body Line at Centre Point because we got this gift voucher from the Miss Almacrest Beauty Pageant that was held recently. We went there to make appointments but instead we got a good 'lecturing' on how bad our exterior body is. I was told that i was on the borderline to Obesity and i was like, "huhhhh??" i mean, i know im not the skinniest person alive.. and i dont plan to be stick-thin skinny any time soon. The thing is, im a big girl. My built is big.. ive got big bones. Oh, and they told me to lose 10kg. Im like, "whatttt??" i AM trying to lose some weight but not to THAT extreme la.. 10kg is like, ALOT!

After the consultation, i really was not in the mood to eat. We went there around noon. We thought it would be like 10-20 mins but it took an hour of our lunch time.. and i was invigilating an examination at 2pm with Evelyn! We told them again and again that we were only interested in the voucher that we brought along but again and again she tried to sell us the slimming packages by saying that we NEED it because (in my case) im on the borderline to obesity.

So what's my decision? My decision is NOT to take up the package. If spend a few hundred okayyla.. but the lady said that in my case, i will need to spend about RM11, 000 to perfect my body. Gilak ka.. i rather give the money away to charity than give them the money.

In the evening, i worked out a bit longer because those words "you're on the borderline to obesity" keeps playing on my mind. Like its on repeat mode.. cause me emotional distress ja.

If they say im obese.. then so be it. You know what? Im in good health.. i dont have high blood, no diabetes, my blood pressure's normal (my bro's a doctor..he checked me okay?) there's nothing wrong with me. Im just big.. and i do take care of my health. I know i have spots here and there to reduce and im working on it :-D but i dont think spending thousands of money at a slimming centre will be the ultimate solution. I mean, i know it would help but how long can it last until you gain all the flab back? better use the old fashion way.. EXERCISE!

This is my opinion and experience with Marie France. Im not discouraging those who has the intention or is currently attending sessions there. Marie France is good (i think) but sorry lah, its just not for me.

After all the emotional distress that Marie France brought me.. i still can smile after a good ol' work out session :-D


Gallivanter said...

You're not even obese! Marie France is pulling off a drama, because they are banking on people to fall for that trap!

nc said...

hahaha..ya ba,, sia rasa sia pn inda lama lgi obeseeeeee sda ni..haha

Anonymous said...

I remember the most humiliating experience at Marie France Bodyline, Center point like years ago... In order for them to measure my inches and weight properly, I have to take off my clothes and just be in my undergarments. And yeah after that the consultants just keep telling me, oh yeah your cellulite is so bad, you have to take this package. Bla bla bla... You know what, I went there because I wanted to take their treatment, and they had the first trial free upon no-obligation consultation. The consultation lasted like an hour. And at the end ot the consultation, I wasn't even in the mood to try the consultation, I just left. I told her I will give it a thought, but the humiliating part did it for me. I am never gonna go try Marie France, ever again. Their hard-sell really tick me off.