Monday, December 1, 2008

I Need Therapy.

You know how i can go on and on and on about anything that is Philippine related kan? well, this time its about an indonesian band called Ten2Five. I became an instant fan after listening to their song You. How i discovered the song? well, i was going through my brother's music folder on his computer and i came across ten2five. I have gotten their 2007 album, Hanya Untukmu and i think the whole album's great.

Ive been doing a lot of thinking in the past 2 days and i have finally made my decision. To my lovely friends, thanks for the advice. I know the answer to the question that i asked you guys was so obvious but you know la me.. i have the tendency to make things complicated. I just want to make sure before i put my feet down on something.

Im glad im going away on thursday (so i can get away from him) and have therapy happily. If you're thinking i need therapy because im all broken inside, i meant RETAIL therapy, okayy ;-P

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Gallivanter said...

Retail therapy, wonder if it has the same effect on men. Hmmm...