Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Overjoyed v.2.0

I know i said im taking my leave and will be back next year.. well, THAT didnt happen hahaha. Too bored to stay at home so here i am in the office.. "working" heh! but its kinda like a holiday here in office because there's no work. I just hope that it will be half day for us *fingers crossed*

Anyways, as i have mentioned in the older posts i will be doing my own rendition of the Stevie Wonder song "overjoyed". Well, the day has arrived and here it is for you to listen. Like what Rin on the Rox says.. like it, hate it, love it.. whatever! just enjoy it. Oh, i have to give credit to Edex7 for the wonderful instrumental on Overjoyed. If you (Edex7) happen to come across this page and find this offensive do let me know and i'll remove this as soon as possible. By the way this song clip is only a partion of it. Click HERE if you want to hear the full song.

Enjoy! :-D

Overjoyed - Pammie

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taking A Break.

This blog will be on hiatus until next year. Im taking my leave starting from tomorrow and will be back next year. You can expect many photos by that time hehehe.

Tis the season to be jolly..

Wishing all of you a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year 2009 :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Deck The Halls

Sepa tau lagu Deck The Halls? mesti suma tau ba kan??
Bah, mari kita nyanyi ramai-ramai kie..

satu..dua.. tiga!

Deck the malls with stuff from China,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!
Hats and Bratz and Dad's reclina,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Don we non-U.S. apparel,
Fa la la, deficit, blah blah blah!
Shrug "Oh, well" and watch Will Ferrell,
Fa la la la la and la-di-da!

HAHAHAHA.. so hilarious the lyrics. "deck the malls with stuff from China?" LMAO.
Reader's Digest did a good job on the lyrics :-) Just click HERE for more funny christmas carols.

All i Want For Christmas (Revised)

.. I want nothing. I know it's so unusual to hear that i want nothing but yea, i dont want anything. except for this three :

1. Good health
2. Prosperity
3. More luck in

Okay. That's it. see? im not so demanding kan? you can cross out the DSLR camera, i dont want it. For now hehe.
Oh, and 1 more thing, but this message is especially for S A N T A

Yep, i have been EXTRA good ;-P

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Ive heard alot of people do their renditions on this stevie wonder song "Overjoyed" but i never heard this song sang in acapella until i found this one on youtube by Akafellas. For a song that has multiple key changes, they did a very good job on it. Oh, and by the way Overjoyed is my favourite song by stevie wonder. He has dozens of hits but this song never fail to make me happy.. im planning to make my own version of this song. Just wait for it ya :-)

All I Want For Christmas

Soon it's Christmas.. only 6 days from today. So what do I want for christmas? Hmm.. WORLD PEACE mwahhahaha. Thats the most irritating answer anyone can give. OK, on a serious note all i want for christmas is this:

In this entry, i would like to wish everyone


2008 has really been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. Ive been through a lot and i have also gained a whole lot of experiences, be it good or bad. I take it all in. I believe that what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. In this entry, i would like to point out the highlights AND downlights of 2008 in my life.


1. Completed my masters in business administration (specializing area: entrepreneurship) (yeayy)

2. Graduated with my fellow classmates -- you guys know who you are (double yeayy -- no more exams)

3. Travelled to the Philippines (again!) but this time my bestie followed :-)

4. Got myself a job

5. Overcame my fear of being on stage (i had to defend my thesis last june infront professionals in the field, and i requested to the music director of the church to put me in the singing schedule more, oh and since october i have been lecturing)


1. Ive parted ways with my beloved car (its an old car, i know but it served me well)

2. Ive been stabbed in the back by people who i thought were "friends" heh, friends indeed eh?

3. The drepressing times of making a thesis (yes, now i know it is not easy to produce one. Ive cried, ive complained, ive been through hell -- all thanks to a very, extremely fussy supervisor )

Although there is not much downlights, which is a good thing.. emotionally i feel i have gone through a lot. It is such a sad thing when friends stab their friends in the back. It's a painful process but like i said what doesnt kill you only make you stronger.

Looking back at last year's resolution i think i did pretty well in accomplishing it. Except for the "finding myself a reaaaaallllllll boyfriend" part hahaha. Yep.. still got not much luck in that department :-P

So my resolution for 2009 will be..

BOYFRIEND HUNTING! mwahahahhaa. Nahh, kidding. I know it'll creep up to me in due time.. so no worries :-) On what my resolution will be.. im still thinking. Will update you guys on it once finalized.

Have a wonderful day ya'll.. i know i wont. Got a pile of papers to mark *boo-hoo*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Different Me

omg! i SO love Keyshia Cole's third studio LP. I have been listening to it all day long. Something i got from the internet why she decided to call the album A Different Me

"It's a different me this time: a young woman who's still growing and finding myself, exploring life through different routes musically and in other areas. I wrote more about other people's situations than my own. I'm moving forward."

Monday, December 15, 2008


1. Re-post the picture (the I AM GRATEFUL BECAUSE..)on your blog and please acknowledge where it came from. Kindly leave a comment on this post so I would know you've posted it.

Pammie says: Got this tag from nc ;-) thx!

2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for and the 5 bloggers you are tagging.

Pammie says: okay, the 5 things i am grateful for are: -
1. My life (it has been a bumpy ride this year so yea im grateful to be alive)
2. My health (im not perfectly healthy but atleast i dont have any life threatening disease)
3. My family (love them to death! i wouldnt trade my family for any family)
4. My job (though it doesnt pay much.. atleast im not jobless)
5. My true friends (u guys know who u are.. thx for the friendship! *mwah*)

NOW, im tagging...
1. Eudora
2. Danne
3. Gary
4. My sister, josherli
5. My cousin, Beevy

3. You may copy this or write your own quote regarding gratitude:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
- Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9th Bi-Division ASI Convention

I said yesterday that i will be telling all you all about the Adventist-Services and Laymen Industry (ASI) convention that was held at The Grandseason hotel, KL. There's not that much to say, just the experience (it's my 1st time attending) was overwhelming. I was moved by all the testimonies and experiences that were shared by the speakers and preachers. Here are some pictures that i took during the convention.
The Convention Choir
Davelyn and Novie (one of my oldest friends i got) (i grabbed this pic from davelyn)
Sabah ladies delegate (there are more of the ladies but they didnt join in)
H.E Dr Bienvenido V. Tejano on the sax, a blind man on the keyboard, and David Gates on a mini trumpet (is that what it's called? ;-P) ..Dad and his friend in the background looking on. By the way, dad and his friend plays the trumpet very well. They played trumpet since highschool.
Yes.. God has a plan for everyone.

SPUC delegates on stage
Singing group from Indonesia.. Unceasing Cantica

Singing group from China (i think)
This is the swimming pool at the apartment that i go swimming every evening ehhehe
Petronas twin towers
With Silverman at Bukit Bintang.

I had fun at KL although it was only for a 4 days. I didn't expect the convention to be that interesting. I am SO gonna be at the next convention in three years time. Place of the next ASI convention is yet to be determined. But no matter where it is, i hope im still around so that i can attend it. Something that i got from the convention..


Although i had fun at the convention, i had MORE fun shopping..hehe. I shopped like there is no tomorrow (as usual). I ended up buying 9 dresses (omg!) and 4 pairs of shoes :-D

See how much fun i had? hehehehe

The Marie France Experience

Yesterday, me and two of my colleagues, nancy and evelyn went to Marie France Body Line at Centre Point because we got this gift voucher from the Miss Almacrest Beauty Pageant that was held recently. We went there to make appointments but instead we got a good 'lecturing' on how bad our exterior body is. I was told that i was on the borderline to Obesity and i was like, "huhhhh??" i mean, i know im not the skinniest person alive.. and i dont plan to be stick-thin skinny any time soon. The thing is, im a big girl. My built is big.. ive got big bones. Oh, and they told me to lose 10kg. Im like, "whatttt??" i AM trying to lose some weight but not to THAT extreme la.. 10kg is like, ALOT!

After the consultation, i really was not in the mood to eat. We went there around noon. We thought it would be like 10-20 mins but it took an hour of our lunch time.. and i was invigilating an examination at 2pm with Evelyn! We told them again and again that we were only interested in the voucher that we brought along but again and again she tried to sell us the slimming packages by saying that we NEED it because (in my case) im on the borderline to obesity.

So what's my decision? My decision is NOT to take up the package. If spend a few hundred okayyla.. but the lady said that in my case, i will need to spend about RM11, 000 to perfect my body. Gilak ka.. i rather give the money away to charity than give them the money.

In the evening, i worked out a bit longer because those words "you're on the borderline to obesity" keeps playing on my mind. Like its on repeat mode.. cause me emotional distress ja.

If they say im obese.. then so be it. You know what? Im in good health.. i dont have high blood, no diabetes, my blood pressure's normal (my bro's a doctor..he checked me okay?) there's nothing wrong with me. Im just big.. and i do take care of my health. I know i have spots here and there to reduce and im working on it :-D but i dont think spending thousands of money at a slimming centre will be the ultimate solution. I mean, i know it would help but how long can it last until you gain all the flab back? better use the old fashion way.. EXERCISE!

This is my opinion and experience with Marie France. Im not discouraging those who has the intention or is currently attending sessions there. Marie France is good (i think) but sorry lah, its just not for me.

After all the emotional distress that Marie France brought me.. i still can smile after a good ol' work out session :-D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chosen To Serve

I attended ASI (Adventist-Laymen's Service & Industry) 9th Bi-Division Convention at the Grand Season Hotel, Kuala Lumpur last week. The testimonials and sermons that were conveyed by the speakers really hit me. I was inspired and touched by them. The theme for the convention was "Chosen To Serve"

I'll be honest, i actually didn't want to join the convention. My only plan once i get to KL was to do some shopping, shopping and MORE shopping. I have to thank my mom for forcing me into going to the 1st night of the convention (Thanks Mom!) The singers that performed at the convention all hebat-hebat belaka. Overall, i'd say the convention was a success.

Oh, if you're wondering where i stayed during the convention (4th - 7th Dec), I stayed at Vistana Apartments. A short walking distance to the hotel. There were 10 of us who stayed under the same apartment and all of us was on time for every session of the convention. Some of the participants of the convention stayed at the Grand Season and guess what? they were most of the time late.. so sad la. If i was staying at the Grand Season, i would be 5 minutes earlier for every session hehehe.

I'll tell ya'll about my 4-day 3-night stay at KL tomorrow. It's almost time for me to go home now. Drive safely, readers.


I got this forward message on Friendster, so instead of forwarding it to everyone on my list, i decided to just post it here for all to see :-) It says in the end of the message that something good will happen if i forward it.. i could use some good :-D
A kid asked Jesus... how much do you love me? Jesus replied," I love you this much." and he stretched his arms to the cross and died for us. If you believe in God, you will send this to everyone on your list. If you delete this, I do not believe you will have a cold heart in 2008 (as they say). I like you because of who you are to me. I treat you as a true friend. But if I dont get this back, I get the hint. Send this to all people in your list within 30 minutes and something good will happen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For Sale

I am selling my car that has been there for me since year 2000. I drove this car to class during my diploma days up til my i finished my masters. Its time to sell it away so that it can 'berkhidmat' for other people.

1987 model. The body has been upgraded to Prado except for the engine. Price RM23,000. Email me if interested.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hottest Indon Singer Of Today.

I rarely listen to Malay music.. But i'll give this one an exception :-) I followed my bro-in law home yesterday and i got to listen to Afgan's Terima Kasih Cinta.. I instantly became hooked to the song! at first i thought it was Anuar Zain, but it didnt really sound like him. Then i thought maybe Hazami... but it didnt sound like him too! so i told my sister who was sitting infront to turn up the volume so that i can listen clearly at the end of the song when the DJ announces who the singer is.

He is young..only 19 years old of age. Im sure he will go far with a voice like that!

Talented guy + Meaningful song = AWESOME JOB!

.. Enjoy folks! :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Need Therapy.

You know how i can go on and on and on about anything that is Philippine related kan? well, this time its about an indonesian band called Ten2Five. I became an instant fan after listening to their song You. How i discovered the song? well, i was going through my brother's music folder on his computer and i came across ten2five. I have gotten their 2007 album, Hanya Untukmu and i think the whole album's great.

Ive been doing a lot of thinking in the past 2 days and i have finally made my decision. To my lovely friends, thanks for the advice. I know the answer to the question that i asked you guys was so obvious but you know la me.. i have the tendency to make things complicated. I just want to make sure before i put my feet down on something.

Im glad im going away on thursday (so i can get away from him) and have therapy happily. If you're thinking i need therapy because im all broken inside, i meant RETAIL therapy, okayy ;-P