Friday, September 14, 2007

iPod = iTurd

I experienced 2 problems with my iPod this week:

1. I was unable to upload songs into my iPod. it said that my iPod was corrupted, and i was like "ha??" so i went looking for solutions on the net. It required me to reset my iPod settings and install back my iTunes. so i did it. the only problem was that i didnt have my 3rd party charger..i lost mine :-( so after resetting it, i had to go to an Apple authorized distributor at Karamunsing to use their 3rd party charger to complete the resetting of the iPod.

2. This just happened a few hours ago. My 40gb click-wheel iPod froze up while I was trying to go from one file to the next. With no ON/OFF button I was lost on how to get it going again. The moment i reached home, I Googled 'ipod 40gb froze up' and it brought me to All i need to do was to press the menu and select button at the same time for about 10 seconds to enable it to reboot. Actually this wasnt the first site that i clicked on. the first site said that my iPod harddisk was damaged and i need to replace it. The cost of a new iPod harddisk was $250 (times that with 4!)

I read further on the web that an iPod may freeze up oor fail to respond to commands occasionally. This doesnt necessarily indicate a serious problem.. it only needs a restart *pheww* .. and i thought my iPod was on its way to doomsville.

Oh, and by the way an old friend of mine text me earlier saying that there is going to be a high school reunion (All Saints high school - class of '99)tomorrow at Warisan Square. I am still thinking whether i should go or not. Oh well, lets just see what happens tomorrow :-)

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