Sunday, September 16, 2007

Post Concert Comments

Ok, so i didnt went to my school's class of '99 reunion last night. Why? coz I didnt feel like meeting them. not coz i had a bad experience during highschool or anything. Infact, i had a really, REEEEAAAALLLLY good time at All Saints High. I just felt lazy going to the reunion, thats all heheh.. and secondly, because i was going to a fundraising concert that was being held at Sabah Foundation Tun Raffae Auditorium .

So, how was the concert? honestly, it was a bit bored. especially during the times when the MC spoke in mandarin and i had to listen to the translation. I mean, cant they just speak in english? i believe everyone there understands english. Somemore, the MC talked waaayy too much. Some of the songs were a bit boring too.. again, coz it was in chinese. Well, this is just my opinion lah. dont shoot me if ive offended you :-D There's always plenty of room for improvement right?

The pics are abit blurred coz i forgot to bring my camera, so i had to use my phone camera.

This is my fav new shirt hehe..and i got it for less than rm20. cheap kan?! i just love "talking" shirts! :-D

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