The other day, i was at karamusing looking at some empty dvds and as i was passing a boutique, i saw something familiar at the store's window..

so i went in and ask the sales girl how much for the shoes. I was surprise to hear the word "rm130" coz i bought mine, for 60 yuan (less than rm30) when i was at Guangzhou last June.

The above pic is my shoes.. both the shoes are leather, and the design are quite similar to each other.

These purple ones also was bought at Guangzhou for 80 yuan only (less tham rm40). I like the color but i dont really like the shoes. Why? coz the heel's too low hehe. I just bought it coz its cheap and cantik!. You cant find shoes as lovely & cheap as this anywhere in KK. If there is any, do let me know yaaa??..


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