Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last night's class (managerial accounting & finance) was such a disaster. around 9o'clock (-ish) the lecturer announced that there is going to be a quiz. and i was like, omgh! what am i going to do?? so i came up with this 'pintar' plan of mine to depend on my fellow coursemate sitting next to me for answers (since she is an accounting teacher, i assume this should be an easy-peasy case for her). I have all the slides to all the chapters with me and being so 'pintar' i didnt even bothered to go look into it.

..And we were been given like what, 30 minutes or so to answer all three questions. Three sounds so little right? but mind you.. we had to do calculations on three products in three separate questions.

After submitting my paper, the lecturer then showed some of the students how it is done. Me & angel went to have a look in front and guess what, our answers were totally wrong!! and that includes the workings and all. The plan of, i wouldnt say copying coz i didnt exactly copy her answer, i just referred to her workings when i did mine, didn't work out as planned.

I was silent in the car all the way home. Dad sent & picked me up from UMS, i was too lazy to drive myself to uni. Plus, it was raining and God knows how much i hate driving in the rain.

As soon as i reached home, i went thru my notes and there it was! I was asking myself why??? whyyyy didnt i look into my notes? *loooooonnngg siiiiiggghhh*

I have a huge pile of regret piling up on my chest.

The two subjects that i am taking this semester (Advanced statistics, and this one) is by far the most challenging classes im taking. Seriously, how DO you guys do it?

..Oh, and did i mention midterm for the SAME subject is happening next week? i am SO gonna die.

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wIn^ said...

^__^_v hey pammie, don't worry be happy! eheh