Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Reveal

THIS is my latest look. Ive ditched the long, curly hair, and cut it this short. Some were shocked because i cut it this short. My reply? "Its just hair! it'll grow back". I was getting bored with my old look. I was fed up with all the "grooming" stuff that my curls need. If i dont do so, you'd prolly mistaken me as a Timorese (a.k.a OM) mwahaha.

These are some of the comments that i have received at friendster regarding my new hair. Thanks guys..reading them made my day :-D


annegelynne said...

cantikk ba rambut ko..
sa punya turn lg ni, tp blum got the courage utk p saloon hahaha..
takut terpotong bida, and tida tau apa style sa mo lg :P:P
but defnitely akan potong.. latest by xmas hahahhaha

Hness said...

lawa bah ko begitu. ngam juga. sia pun boring sudah rambut lurus panjang ni but dari duluuu ntah brapa kali sudah sia plan sia mo try kasi curl rmbut tp inda jadi2. try dulu la kijap a few months then baru sia kasi ptong pindik. rmbut pindik sia banyak kali try bah dulu2. best juga, ringan kepala hehe.