Thursday, September 6, 2007


Today has been quite a hectic ride for me. In the A.M I went to the clinic to ask for some drugs coz im an addict..hehe kidding. I went to the doctor's coz i needed some vitamin. I was scared to go in coz I know i will be weighted..and the result wasn't pleasing for the eyes mwahahaha. Ok, i now im such a pig now and im going to promise myself to lose some weight.I know i have said this like many, maaaaannyyy times and never have i kept my promise. *looks up* Oh God, please.. pretttyy please make me thin. But if You cant make me thin, make my friends fat instead! <- taken from danne mwahahahah!!!

Next stop was at the Borneo International Trade Fair (BITF) at Likas Sports Complex. There was lots of intresting things to see AND eat hehe.. i love the free samples of food mwahahaha. I stayed only for a while coz i was going to meet my sister at 12.30pm at Likas Square. I was quite dissapointed though at the fair, because the booth stall from the Philippines havent been set up yet. From the fair, i bought mini anchovy popias and kuih cincin (since my dad loves it).

I finally got my hair chopped! yess pipol.. I HAVE CUT MY HAIR. It is waaaaayy shorter than i expected it to be. The feeling of regret did came over me a while ago and i almost cried hahaha. Mom said i look good in my new hair cut but i just cant see it the way she sees it. My ate also said the same thing..hmm. Dont expect any pic of my new hair anytime soon coz im still adjusting to it. the fact that i have short hair havent registered yet into my system..i still feel like i have long, curly hair!

I just came back from donggongon. My bro texted me this morning when i was on my way to the doctor's and told me to pass some stuffs of his to Hester who is leaving for KL (and thereafter to Russia) tonight. So i decided to meet her at night (just now) at Ching Fah Restaurant Donggongon. Just because his stuffs were at home when he texted me.. how convenient will it be for me if he had just texted me like maybe 30 mins or an hour earlier!

So that sums up my day.. now im off to take a good long deserving hot bath and then continue on my CSI marathon. Im in season 3 already..4 more seasons to go! :-)


Hness said...

im too officially fat for like a few years alredi, and m never losing only gaining.. so this past few days, i force myself and my frens(akaka sori) 2 go 2 sauna and trying very very hard to eat less carbo. tempations r too great for me during weekends though, coz thats the only time i could hanging out with frens and we really love to eat those fattening foods.. *sigh*. if u know a 'shortcut' to lose weight, do let me know, as long as it does not involve "elimination" of chicken in my diet list kakahaha.

Pammie said...

hahaha. sadap ba ayam kan?? i cant imagine life without chicken in my diet aswell. well, i do know that drinking tea (especially wulong or oo-long whichever u wanna call it) is the newest trend in losing weight. i read one testimonial from that this woman went for vacation and she didnt gain abit (it will be a miracle to not gain a bit time cuti2) infact, she lost weight while vacationing thats because she drank her tea religiously during the course of her vacation. So, im giving it a try.. i'll let ya know if it works hehe.

annegelynne said...

hehe.. cant wait to see u on tuesday bebeh, wanna see ur new hairstyle, wanna see it live, tida cukup dlm gambar ja haha, mo kasi inspiration/ motivation utk sa potong rambut jg hahahhaha :P