Monday, November 3, 2008

Dantai Beach

On saturday afternoon, me witness wide went to Kelawat because there was a school alumni concert for Kelawat Adventist Primary School. Our group sang three songs there and right after that, the four of us girls had this plan of going to Dantai Beach. The reason for going there is to have a 'photoshoot' la konon and to enjoy the nature hehehe.

While on our way, i asked the girls if any one of them know any kind of martial arts. Karate ka..taekwondo ka.. silat ka hehehe. All of them answered NO. What if anything happen to us there? I guess everyone would just make a run for their lives hehehe. But thankfully, nothing happened. We enjoyed ourselves with various types of poses and we also enjoyed nature, as planned :-)

Because we arrived at the meeting place early, we were rewarded ice-cream :-D

The four ladies who ventured Dantai beach by themselves

Ms. Vinne

Making our way to the rocks. When we reached the rocks, nahh mokiraiou sudah hahahha... here are the results

Ms Vinne, again

Ms. Chervy Oceanneara

Ms Sharoline
Last but not least, yours truly :-D
After spending an hour or so there, we went home exhausted, but happy :-)


Gallivanter said...

I miss Sabah! Sigh...

Delores said...

bahh.. balik sabah! hehehe

azuan said...

mcm kg aku jak nie..

azuan said...

mcm kg aku jak nie..