Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF + Music Reviews

Yeayyy it's FRIDAY! i'm always in such high spirit when it's friday. Why? .. i think i dont need to answer that. Everyone is in a good mood when it comes to friday..

Guess what? my bestie is working at the same place im working!! Im so glad!! although she's only a part-timer here, well atleast we can get to meet more often :-)

Oh, ive got Britney's new album, Circus but i can't give my two cents yet coz i havent finished listening to it. The cover album is nothing that i imagine it would be.. if you havent seen it, here's a look at it:

Ok, i'll admit i am a fan of Britney. Nice mah her songs hehe. I'll describe my taste of music as ECLECTIC. I listen to almost everything..

Ive also got Shontelle's album SHONTELLIGENCE. I wouldnt give thumbs up to it..the songs are quite boring. the only song in the whole album that catches me is the T-shirt song. I say Shontelle is a far cry from ella.. ella.. ella Rihanna. Why im comparing her with Rihanna? because Shontelle comes from Barbados too.

..Aight, i guess thats it for this week. I know i only posted 2 entries this week. Been busy, thats why lah. But i'll try to post more entries in the future, promise!

I'll be going to Tenghilan and Kota Belud tomorrow. I'll blog about it next week.

Have a nice weekend, Readers!

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