Monday, November 17, 2008

Ranau Trip

Last week, i couldn't wait for the week to end. Why? because on saturday morning me and some of the youths at church went to Kundasang, Ranau. We departed at 8.00a.m. and arrived at our destination at 9.30a.m. We had our Sabbath there at SDA Retreat Centre and sang 2 songs as 'special song' konon.. although our songs were simple and we were SO not prepared, im glad the crowd appreciated it.
What is this?? guys doing dishes? .. and sweeping the floor??
In the evening, after our afternoon nap we all headed down to Desa Cattle and Mesilau.
Pathway to Desa Cattle
With moo-moo in the background
Kanak-kanak riang at Desa Cattle hehe
At Mesilau.. where we had our sundown worship.
The next day, sunday we went to Kundasang War Memorial.. i felt for those who died in the death march. May all their souls rest in peace..
I find this t-shirt that i saw just outside of the Memorial amusing hehe..
After spending about 30-45 minutes at the Memorial, we headed our ways to Poring Hot Spring where we spent the rest of the day there.
After hiking and canopy walking, we went back down and had our splashy session at the pool! we left Poring at around 4pm and arrived at KK 6.30pm. Unlike the others, i had to go to Tg Aru because my group (Witness Wide) was scheduled to sing at the seminar that they are having at the House of Worship they have there. I was exhausted when i reached home at 10.30pm.. my dirty clothes from Ranau is still in my bag :-P was too exhausted to take them out last night hehe..

I am still tired from my Ranau trip. I forced my body to work today.. huhuhuhu


Gallivanter said...

I gotta visit Ranau!

Pammie said...

you HAVE TO visit Ranau! it's a beautiful place to go to :-)

nc said...

wa,,siok o trip ko a,, :),, lawa tu baju yg BUlih ba Kalu Kau,, tpi,, cantik lagi baju ko yg IM NOT INTERESTED tu,, hehehe..