Friday, November 7, 2008

A Post For Yesterday

This should've been posted yesterday evening but i was too tired to even write, i just packed my stuff after class and waited til its 5.30 to go home.

Although i was tired, one thing made my day yesterday. After class, a group of international students from the philippines sang the song HARANA (by request) for me :-D i loike! If you're wondering how the song Harana sounds like, you can hear the song through the videoclip from youtube that i posted below. This is the original video from Parokya Ni Edgar (the original singer of the song)

Nice kan the song? the video's abit wacky and hilarious but i like it!! :-D By the way, Regine Velasquez has made a cover of this song for the movie "Pangarap Ko Ibigin ka"

Just sharing a piece of my interest in music. If you ask me about the Malaysian music scene.. i'd be speechless. I have zero clue on what happens around the music industry in my country. I know more about the philippine music industry than my own hehehe..

Aight, its the weekend ya'll have fun ya! See ya next weeeeeek!! :-)

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CrazieSexaCool said...

uhhhhh.. I loooveeee Parokya Ni Edgar! They r one of the 1st band I know from the Phils! They rawk! But then again, I love Regine too =p Both version is nice. Each have their own originality.. Hee =p But I'll second that.. I knw a whole lot more Phils music than my own country.. Pathetic huh?? Naa.. I dun think soo! Hahhaaha.. Oh well, I think Phils music suits me better than Msian music.. Hahahahaha.. & I'm soo glad that Im not the only one who feels the same way! ;)