Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last Saturday.

Last saturday, witness wide went to tenghilan and d'tunga at kelawat. It was a really fun day! although we were missing 4 members, the show must go on with or without them. We planned to sing only 2-3 songs at Tenghilan, but ended up singing 5 songs there. After church service, they announced that they have prepared food for us so we had potluck with the church members there. The food was great.. ang sarap talaga! i had 2 rounds hahaha.

Here are some pictures of that day.. i took the pictures using 3 cameras: Nikon D40 (my bro's), Canon 40D (my sis') and Casio Exilim EXZ750 (mine..hehe)
At Tenghilan church..
Singing at D'Tunga Church
Cousin Bandy singing his solo part
Kiko with Mummy
Rachel a.k.a Omong
Abby Mae (or should i say Mrs. Daven Lamam hehehhe)
Elsa Nicole
Beevy & Josie
Potluck Time = MAKAN TIME!!
Cousin Beevy with her favourite 'Toy'
After lunch we had a photo session. My nieces, elsa, kiko & kim
Josie with a Lily flower
yours truly
Almost revealed.. hahahaha
Nice kan the flower......
Moi :-D