Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tale of a PTI dog

This is duku and he is guarding my house as we speak. Duku is originally my neighbour's dog. But for some reason, i dont know.. he decided to change owners. He at first went to live with my cousin who at first was reluctant to feed and take care of him but after recognizing his loyalty to my cousin, my cousin decide that it may be beneficial to him and his family if he took care of the dog. but after a while, the dog decided to change owner.. HE FOLLOWED MY BROTHER BACK HOME ONE DAY and never looked back anymore hahah.

He's here most of the time but sometimes pandai juga la menghilangkan diri mencari
makan di tempat lain.

Anyway, duane if you're at my page right now.. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! HAHAHAHA..

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